File Uploads

The File Uploads add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

A File Uploads field can be added to the form by clicking on the Add Field Button on the bottom right, then choosing the File Upload field from the list.

Field Settings

Save to Server – If this setting is disabled, the File Upload will not be saved to the server when the form submits.

Rename Uploaded File –

Renaming Conventions

Save to Media Library – If this setting is enabled, the File Upload will be save to the server’s Media Library.

Restrictions Settings

Attaching File Uploads to Email

This can be accomplished in two ways, the first method via merge tag, which will then create a link to the file/s uploaded in the received email.

  1. From the Emails and Actions tab, edit the email notification action’s by clicking on the action gear symbol. From here, click the merge tag button located in the Email Message line, shown below. 2. Add in the File Uploads merge tag to the Email Message body by simply clicking on it. Should your list show many merge tags, and you have trouble locating the correct tag, feel free to take advantage of the merge tag search bar and type File Uploads to locate the appropriate tag.

The second method (below) will attach the file itself to the email.

  1. From the Emails and Actions tab, edit the email notification action’s by clicking on the action gear symbol.
  2. From the pull out drawer, scroll down to the Advanced tab and click to drop down.
  3. Then activate (click) the Attach File Uploads toggle.

Save the File Upload to an External Service

Connecting Ninja Forms to Dropbox
Connecting Ninja Forms to Amazon S3

To save the File Upload to an External Service, you can add an External File Upload Action to your form.

For the Action to show, you will need to connect to Dropbox or Amazon first by going to Ninja Forms > File Uploads > External Settings

Under the External File Upload Action, you can choose the service you would like the files from your form to save to.

File Uploads Plugin Settings (Forms > File Uploads)

Browser Uploads tab – It shows a sortable list of the files uploaded through your server.

Upload Settings Tab

  • Max File Size (in MB) – The Max File Upload size allowed per form.
  • File upload error message – The Error Message that the user receives when the Max File Size is met.
  • Custom Directory – Is used to create dynamic directories.
Accepted Shortcodes

If you migrate from another server and the File Uploads path is pointing to the older server location, you can deactivate then reactivate your File Uploads and Ninja Forms plugins to reset the file path.

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