The Slack add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

The Slack action for Ninja Forms will allow you to ping a Slack channel of your choice with a customizable message anytime a form is submitted.

Setting up a Form to Ping Slack

Navigate to the Emails & Actions tab then select Add new Action.

Select the Slack Action.

Slack 2

Now configure your action.

  • Action Name: the name of the action as it will appear under your Emails & Actions tab in the form builder.
  • Message: the message that will appear in Slack when the form is submitted. Merge tags can be used here to include information that’s been entered into any form field, and more. Click the merge tag icon highlighted in red in the image below to see your options.
  • Slack URL: the URL of your Slack workspace. See more on this and connecting your form to Slack in the section below.

Connect to your Slack Workspace

You’ll need to input your Slack workspace’s URL into your action in order for your form to be able to ping Slack.

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to get this URL (be sure to replace ‘your-team-name’ with your actual team name):

  • https://’your-team-name’

You’ll get to choose the channel you want to ping there.

Finally, you will also need the Incoming Webhooks application active on your Slack:

Configuring Advanced Features

  • Bot Name: rename the bot as it appears in your Slack channel
  • Slack Emoji: emoji(s) that you would like to appear with this message
  • Allow Mentions: Toggle on to allow users submitting the form to be able to add @ mentions in the message