Choose just the WordPress form features you need, as you need them!


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Our membership plans have been designed to bring commonly needed features into one affordable package. Whether you're building forms for yourself, your clients, or your company, there's a plan that will fit your needs... and your budget.


Just looking for a few specific features and sick of finding them only in expensive plans?

Sometimes you just need one extra feature and not the kitchen sink. Why pay $200 for features you know you won't use? We get it, and that’s why Ninja Forms is the WordPress forms plugin that lets you add only what you need, when you need it!

You Can Build Smart, Beautiful WordPress Forms!

Want to design attractive, engaging forms but don’t have the technical know-how? Have the skill but not the time? Drag & drop fields into tidy rows and columns. Display and hide fields as needed. Build your form across multiple pages. Use these tools to design incredible forms like a professional, no technical skills required!

five stars

Awesome product.

Built a fully functional set of forms with dynamic fields and conditional logic in a weekend, with only minimal knowledge of the plugin beforehand. A testament to solid documentation and user interface.


Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Build dynamic forms that can change as a user fills out the form. Show and hide fields. Send certain email, don’t send others. Redirect to one of many pages. The possibilities are endless!

Multi-Part Forms

Multi-Part Forms

Give submissions a boost on any longer form by making it a multi-page form. Drag and drop fields between pages, add breadcrumb navigation, a progress bar, and loads more!

Layout & Styles

Layout and Styles

Drag and drop fields into columns and rows. Resize fields. Add backgrounds, adjust borders, and more. Design gorgeous forms without being a designer!

save progress

Save Progress

Let your users save their work and reload it all when they have time to return. Don’t lose out on valuable submissions for longer forms!

Better Document Sharing will Take Your Business Further

Want to let users upload files to your WordPress website? Export form submissions into Excel, PDFs, or Google Sheets? Email customizable PDF records of any submission? Populate highly specific documents from a form submission? You don’t need to pay a developer hundreds to build any of this!

five stars


I have tried many others and Ninja Forms is by far the best as it is easy to implement and has all the features (and then some) that we need to create high quality / great looking email forms that also let us track our AdWords conversions!!! Also I received excellent support when asking for a feature request after I discovered our forms need to be sending via SMTP and they already have suggested solution ... again easy and free! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


File Uploads

File Uploads

Upload files to WordPress, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3. Upload documents, images, media, and more. Easily control file type and size. Add an upload field to any form!

PDF Form Submissions

PDF Form Submission

Generate a PDF of any WordPress form submission. Export any submission as a PDF, or attach it to an email and send a copy to whoever needs one!

Zapier for Ninja Forms


Don’t see an add-on integration for a service you love? Don’t worry! Connect WordPress to more than 1,500 different services through Zapier, no code required!

Improved compatibility with file uploads, upgraded styling in dashboard.

Excel Export

Export any form’s submissions as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Choose a date range, the fields you want to include, and export to Excel!



Create specifically formatted templates from an uploaded PDF or Word document, then auto-fill them from any WordPress form submission!

Accept Payments & Donations Without Breaking the Bank

You may have looked into full fledged ecommerce solutions for WordPress already. Or even other WordPress form builders. If you have, you know connecting WordPress to PayPal or accepting credit card payments can cost you hundreds on the low end. With Ninja Forms you can securely accept payments and donations at a fraction of that cost!

five stars

Great Form plugin

We've been using Ninja Forms for a while now - not only are their forms easy to setup but the free version has loads of great features to offer. The greatest thing about this plugin though from our perspective is the Customer Support, even though it's a free plugin their support team is brilliant. They respond quickly, are friendly and work really hard to help you resolve any questions or issue!



PayPal Express

Set up any form to accept PayPal payments with PayPal Express for WordPress! Base totals on a fixed amount, user entered amount, or a calculated total.



Set up any WordPress form to accept credit card payments or donations through Stripe. Base totals on a fixed amount, user entered amount, or a calculated total!

Elavon for Ninja Forms


Accept credit card payments from any of your WordPress forms. Pass customer and invoice info from any field securely into Elavon with each payment.



Subscription plans a part of your business model? Let your users subscribe from any WordPress form & make management easier with Recurly!

See several that you like? Try our memberships starting at $99.

Add-on packages, multiple sites, and huge discounts!

Want to Attract More Subscribers to Your Mailing Lists?

Looking at beginning an email list, but intimidated by the complexity of coding a form into your site? Do you already have signup forms, but wish you could do more with them to encourage signups? Frustrated that simple things like offering a PDF in return for a subscription is so difficult? Make your life easier with a full featured integration with your favorite email marketing service.

five stars

How did I ever get along without this?!?!?!

This has made forms so so so so so much easier. I showed this to a friend who had NEVER worked with web forms and in one afternoon, he was up and running with a sophisticated email form that looks like it was done by a professional and this friend is so NOT a geek. Read the documentation and this will become your new best friend!




Bring new life to your lists with upgraded MailChimp signup forms for WordPress! Easy to build and customize with no code required. Link to lists and interest groups!


Campaign Monitor

Make any form a custom crafted WordPress signup form for Campaign Monitor. Connect to any list, link form fields to list fields, and watch your lists grow!

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Connect WordPress to Constant Contact with forms that you can build and design just the way you want, no tech skills required! Subscribe users to any list or interest group.

mailpoet product graphic


Say hello better! Customize your MailPoet signup forms to draw more subscribers than ever before. Connect WordPress to any MailPoet list in minutes!

Fix: Version numbers caused update loop


Build your lists faster with easy to design, professional quality WordPress signup forms. No technical skills required. Connect WordPress to AWeber with style!



Grow the reach of your email marketing with better CleverReach signup forms. Tailor your forms to your audience with this easy to set up integration!



Take your email marketing further with handcrafted, easy to build signup forms that connect directly into your Emma account!



Pair WordPress’ best drag and drop form builder with your EmailOctopus account for incredibly effective signup forms. Easy, complete integration.



Connect WordPress to your ConvertKit account with completely customizable opt-in forms. Watch your audience & sales grow like never before!


Active Campaign

Design custom forms that link perfectly to your Active Campaign account for the ultimate in marketing automation. Better leads begin here!

Let Your Users Do More, and Do More for Your Users

You might think things like letting users publish public content from a form submission or integrating with an organized support solution would require hiring a developer. It doesn't. Let users register to your site and create their own profiles. Collect analytics. Offer support. Let your users publish to a post or page from a form. No developer, zero coding skills required.

five stars

Simple, Powerful, Extensible

It is very easy to use and powerful as is, but the true awesomeness lies in how clean and readable the code is. It makes it easy to create custom applications for anything not covered in core.

Kathy Darling

Front-end Posting

Front-End Posting

Let users publish content just by submitting a form! Completely configurable including post type, title, even categories and tags. Set post status, author, and much more!

User Analytics

User Analytics

Get better data on where your form traffic is coming from with every submission. Add 12+ analytics fields including UTM values, URL referrer, geo data, and more!

Help Scout

Help Scout

Offering great support is hard. Tailor your WordPress forms to match your customers’ needs with this Help Scout integration for WordPress.

User Management

User Management

Allow your users to register, login, and manage their own profiles on your website. Customizable template forms for each, or design your own!

Want it all? Bundle everything on this page into one affordable Agency plan.

Future proof your organization's form building needs.

Generate More Leads Than You Ever Thought Possible

Getting leads from your WordPress to your CRM is a bare bone basic. You should expect so much more. Build dynamic, irresistible lead generation forms that call prospects to your CTAs. Rank leads as they come in, make sure the right team or team member is immediately notified, and so much more!

five stars

So great!

Such a great plugin. Couldn't say any more than use this over any other contact form plugin...seriously.

Dan Cameron

Add linking for Notes using new API structureUpdate Potential Name to API v2 name Deal_Name – was Potential_Name

Zoho CRM

Customize your forms to get the most out of your connection between WordPress and Zoho. Link form fields directly to Zoho fields, custom fields included, from almost any module.

capsule product graphic

Capsule CRM

Boost conversions from WordPress to Capsule with forms tailor made to your audience. Link form fields to Capsule fields from a wide range of modules. Custom fields too!

insightly product graphic

Insightly CRM

Your customer’s journey begins with your WordPress forms. Send Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Custom fields and more seamlessly from WordPress to Insightly!

Fixed an issue with empty date fields

Salesforce CRM

Easily map any form field to any Salesforce Object or Field. A better connection to your customers begins with a better WordPress form builder!

PipelineDeals CRM

PipelineDeals CRM

Complete, effortless integration with PipelineDeals CRM. Increase the flow of leads into your sales pipeline with upgraded lead generation forms!

Highrise CRM

Highrise CRM

Get more out of the functional simplicity of Highrise CRM with forms that can be designed from the ground up to maximize conversion.



Integrate WordPress with OnePage CRM seamlessly through highly customizable WordPress forms. Make better conversions your Next Action!

Never Miss an Important Submission or Lead Again!

What good is the perfectly built form if you miss or take too long to respond to leads? Get notifications of form submissions in record time over SMS. Notify teams, channels or boards in Slack or Trello. Stay on top of your traffic and be the first to respond to every lead.

five stars

Great, Great, Great... Product and Support

This is by far the best plugin available for building your own custom forms. Fully drag and drop and very easy to use. The support is fast. These folks are great to work with. Would highly recommend this. Don't spend days searching. This is worth it. Great addons to support many options.


Trello for Ninja Forms


Create a new Trello card with data from any WordPress form submission. Map fields to card details, assign members and labels, upload images, embed links.

Zapier for Ninja Forms


Don’t see an add-on integration for a service you love? Don’t worry! Connect WordPress to more than 1,500 different services through Zapier, no code required!



Get realtime Slack notifications in the workspace and channel of your choice with any new WordPress form submission. @Mention any team member!


Twilio SMS

Get instant SMS notifications with every new WordPress form submission. Respond to leads faster and make more personal connections!


ClickSend SMS

Get instant SMS notifications with every new WordPress form submission. Respond to leads faster and make more personal connections!

Don’t See Your Favorite Service Above? We Can Likely Still Help.

Have a service you know and love that you want to connect your WordPress form builder to? Even if a direct integration doesn’t exist above, don’t worry. Chances are you can still make a connection with one of the great add-ons below.


Don’t see an add-on integration for a service you love? Don’t worry! Connect WordPress to more than 1,500 different services through Zapier, no code required!


Can’t find a WordPress integration for the service you love? Send WordPress forms data to any external URL using a simple GET or POST request!

five stars

A great form plug-in

Ninja Forms is a top-notch form plug-in. Ninja Forms is easy to install, use, and overall just a great product. Their service and support was fast and friendly. Any issues I had were resolved right away. Their website has tons of great information on how to use the plug-in and I can honestly say this takes care of every form-related need we have.

five stars

Thanks Guys

The lads at Ninja forms support especially Curtis helped me with fantastic support and was there through email all the time. Response time is fantastic with these guys… would highly recommend