The Recurly add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Create Your Recurly Account:

To start using your Ninja Forms + Recurly extension, you will need to have previously created and activated your Recurly account.

You can start the aforementioned processes by visiting:

Recurly will also prompt for creation of a unique subdomain, which will be needed in linking Recurly to Ninja Forms.

Setup your Plan(s):

In order to integrate your Recurly plugin, you must setup a Plan before attempting to link to Ninja Forms.

creating a new plan in Recurly

For further information regarding Plan setup, please see Recurly’s Plan documentation here:

Linking Your Recurly Account to Ninja Forms:

Obtain both your unique Private and Public API keys. You can do so by visiting your Recurly Account Dashboard > Developers > API Credentials

Also make note of your created Recurly subdomain.

getting private and public API Key in Recurly

You will then take your API keys (both Public & Private) and input them, along with your Recurly subdomain, into your Ninja Forms install’s settings.

You can reach this be going to your WordPress Dashboard > Forms > Settings > Recurly

Recurly Settings in Ninja Forms, WordPress

Don’t forget to Save Settings!

Setting up Your Form:

Go to the form builder, selecting from your WordPress Dashboard > Forms > Add New Form

First, ensure that you have First Name, Last Name, and Email fields applied to your form, as these are the minimum which is required for the Recurly extension to function.

setting up a new form in Ninja Forms


Emails and Actions > Click the blue + to pull out the actions drawer > Select the Recurly Subscription action.

Recurly Subscription action

From there you want to edit the Recurly Subscription action by clicking on the correlating gear symbol from the Emails and Actions Section.

Here you will be able to name your action, and you will need to insert your plan code.

Inserting plan code in Ninja Forms

Your plan code can be found in your Recurly Dashboard > Configuration > Plans, in the column next to your plan name: labelled Code.

test code

After inserting the plan code into the Plan Code field in Recurly Subscription action, you will then want to apply merge tags, under Basic Actions you will do this for First Name, Last Name, Email.

Merge Tags

You can also modify specifics (like Tax Exemption) under the Advanced dropdown.

Tax Exempt toggle in Ninja Forms

Lastly, before you publish and test your form, make sure that your address is set in your Recurly account, as this is required.

You can do so by once again visiting your Recurly Account Dashboard > Configuration > Site Setting > Company Location

Company Location settings in Recurly

After completing and publishing your form, it is recommended that you preview or append the form to a new post and visit the Recurly Test Gateway to acquire test credit card numbers for your demonstration submission.

This allows you to start testing Recurly without setting up any payment gateway details.

From your form test, after submitting the initial information, you should then be prompted with a Finalize Subscription pop up, where you will input you test data, as referenced below:

Finalize Subscription pop-up

We also encourage you to visit Recurly’s documentation page for additional troubleshooting, located here: