Scope of Support

At Saturday Drive, Inc, our primary goal is to help others be successful.  To live up to that statement, we provide support for both the free and paid users of our products (albeit at different levels of urgency). We truly want the greatest of success for our users, but we do not have unlimited resources and we unfortunately need to set a standard for which use cases we can and cannot support to ensure the best experience for all of our users.

The Saturday Drive, Inc will always support out of the box (OOTB) features in our plugins and extensions.  These are features built into the plugin’s UI with a defined primary purpose.

We are able to provide support for the following types of questions/issues:

  1. Questions or support issues related to an OOTB or advertised feature
  2. Creation or clarification of existing documentation or product descriptions
  3. Inquiries about how feasibility of existing OOTB features meet a certain goal
  4. Using OOTB features to style or modify form output
  5. Demonstrable/reproducible bugs that impair the primary purpose of an OOTB feature
  6. Thoroughly documenting feature requests which may or may not become actual product features in a future version.

However, we are not able to provide support for specific issues or use cases arising from the following issues:

  1. Storing sensitive user information, such as social security number or credit card numbers, as plain text in your WordPress database.
  2. Demands for custom development/features for a specific user or use case.
  3. Conflicts with other plugins (always test with other plugins disabled before contacting support)
  4. Conflicts with other themes (always test with the default WordPress Twenty-X theme before contacting support)
  5. Complex or nested conditions or calculations
  6. Custom code modifying Ninja Forms behavior including PHP or JavaScript, even if it uses our documented API
  7. Custom CSS/Styling of forms or theme elements beyond the OOTB features

Our products are designed for a specific scope and purpose, and we’re not able to support uses beyond that intended scope.  A license for our extensions entitles you to updates and support for that extension’s existing feature set.  Licenses do not entitle our users to demand service faster than our promised times, access to developers for custom development of features or code review, troubleshooting other plugins or themes, or acting inappropriately towards our support team.

Overall, we simply ask that you be reasonable in your expectations.  If you are requesting support for a massive form with dozens of nested calculations and you don’t know why it’s broken, it is unreasonable to expect our support team to spend hours analyzing and tracing your equations in the form to find the error for you.

On the other hand, if you can find an easily reproducible bug in a calculation or condition, we will gladly partner with you to troubleshoot the issue.  

Thank you so much for your understanding of our support policy.  We look forward to serving you soon!