The Stripe add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Stripe API Credentials

The first step to using Stripe with Ninja Forms is getting your API credentials. Please see the guides below for assistance.

Getting Your Stripe API Credentials

Collecting Payment With Stripe

Note: Credit card fields have been deprecated in the builder as of v3.0.13 (12 February 2018). These fields will now appear in the Stripe Checkout modal automatically and do not need to be added to the form.

There are many ways to collect Stripe payments with Ninja Forms Stripe.  You can have

  • A fixed payment on each form where every user pays the exact same amount
  • A dynamic payment (changes per user based on quantity or other factors)
  • Add a user to a recurring payment plan
  • Any combination of the above

For example, you can add a collect payment action for a static “starter” fee, and ALSO add the user to a recurring payment plan at the same time.

To get started, in the form builder, open your “Emails and Actions” menu and click “Add New Action.”

Choose the “Collect Payment” action

Choose "Collect Payment" Action

Choose “Stripe” as your payment gateway.

Everyone pays the same amount (Such as an event registration with a set fee)
Everyone pays a different amount (Such as a product or quantity sales)
Stripe Recurring Payments

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