Help Scout

The Help Scout addon needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Connecting Ninja Forms to Helpscout

Login to you Help Scout account, then navigate to Your Profile > My Apps.


Click “Create My App”, give the app a descriptive name and set the Redirect URL to:




Your newly created app will display an App Id and App Secret.  Copy and paste these as the Client Id and Client Secret in your Helpscout section of the Ninja Forms Settings page.  Click the button “Click to begin/restart authorization…”


You will be directed to your Helpscout account, where you will be asked to authorize access to your account.  Please click “Authorize.”

You will be redirected to a secure Ninja Forms page displaying an authorization code.  Copy this code and paste in the Authorization Code text box in the Helpscout section of the Ninja Forms Settings page.  Then click the button “Generate Access using Authorization Code”

You will now see a refresh token and access token appear in your Helpscout settings section.  These codes will provide access to your account and re-generate approval automatically for your continued use.



Mapping Your Form Fields to Help Scout

Go to the Emails & Actions tab of your preferred form and click on the plus button in the bottom right corner. From the slide-out window that opens, select and add the Help Scout action.

Add the HelpScout Action

Click to open the action itself, then select the desired Help Scout List from the dropdown menu.

Select the HelpScout list

Under List Field Mapping, use the Merge Tag icons pictured below to select the Ninja Forms field you want to map to the Help Scout field listed in this section.

Add merge tags to the action


If you have any issues connecting Ninja Forms, enable Debug Mode under the Advanced options of the Help Scout action. Debug Mode will return error log data that can be copied and pasted into your support ticket.

HelpScout Debugging