Export Data Request Action

This action can be placed on any form, allowing your users to request that their personally identifiable information (pii) in your possession be exported in compliance with the EU’s GDPR regulation. It leverages WordPress’s Export Personal Data feature to make it easier for you to manage pii export requests, and includes Ninja Forms submission data in that request.

Adding an Export Data Request action to your form

From the Emails & Actions tab of your form, click the blue circle/+ icon to open a window of available actions.


Select the Export Data Request action from this list to add it to your Emails & Actions tab.


Click on the new Export Data Request action under your Emails & Actions tab to open its settings.

Configuring the action

The action requires an email field on the form to function. Use the merge tag icon to the right of the EMAIL setting to map the action to the email field of your form.


How this action works

When a user submits a form with this action included, their request will appear in your WordPress dashboard under Tools > Export Personal Data. You can then Confirm the request under the Next Steps column which sends them an email confirmation. Once confirmed, the status will change to Verified and the request can be granted by clicking Export Personal Data in the Requester column under that user.