Constant Contact

The Constant Contact add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Setup Constant Contact

To get your Constant Contact API Key go to Ninja Forms > Settings

Ninja Forms Settings

Next, go to the Constant Contact settings section and click the “Click Here” link to generate your access token

Constant Contact Click Here to generate access token

You’ll be redirected to Constant Contact’s Login page, where you will need to login.

Constant COntact login page

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to allow access to to update your Constant Contact. Click Allow.

Allow access for Ninja Forms in Constant Contact

After you click allow, you will be redirected back to your site and the API Key will be added to the Constant Contact Access Token field and you are done with this step.

Adding Constant Contact to your form

  1. In your form editor, Click the “Email and Actions” tab.
    Email and Actions tab
  2. Click the Blue and White plus (+) button in the bottom right of the page, then select Constant Contact.adding Constant Contact action in Ninja Forms
  3. Choose the Constant Contact list you would like the user subscribed to.
    Note: You may need to refresh the list. To do this, click the icon beside the “List” label.
    refreshing Constant Contact list in Ninja Forms
  4. At this time Constant Contact only supports mapping First Name, Last Name, and Email Fields. Map the Email field from the form you would like to subscribe to your Constant Contact list.
    Select Merge Tags

Constant Contact Opt-in Field

The Constant Contact Opt-in field gives the user an option to choose if they want to be added to a Constant Contact list without the need to setup a Conditional Logic statement.
To add a Constant Contact Opt-in field to your form, on the bottom right in the form builder, click on the blue add field plus (+) button, then choose the Constant Contact Opt-in field.

Constant Contact Opt-in Field

If the Constant Contact Opt-in field is checked, the Constant Contact Action will be processed and the user will be added to the list.
If the Opt-in is unchecked, the Constant Contact Action will be ignored.