Populating a Field via a Query string

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A query string uses a key value pair ?key=value

Populating Text Fields with Data From another Page

To populate text fields, the key is represented by the field key, which can be found under the Administration section of the field settings.

Field Administration Settings

The value in the query string is the information that you would like to be set for the field.

To have the query string populate a text field, you will need to add the query string merge tag to default value for the field in the field settings. The key in the merge tag will need to be same as the key in your query string.

query string merge tag as the default value

In text fields, the value that you enter in the query string will replace the query string merge tag in the default value. If no query string is used, the query string merge tag text will not be output as the default value for the field.

Pre-selection a list item via a query string from Another Page

To select a list item via a query string, the key needs to be the field key for the list and the value needs to be one of the list values.

At this time, only one list selection can be made through a query string.

Using data from a Submission as Query string data in a redirect

To include data from a submission in a query string that is sent to another URL, you can create a redirect action and add a key value pair where the value is a merge tag from the form.


Note: At this time there is not a way to populate field values in a form using data from the same form.