Submission Management

To open the Submissions manager, click “Submissions” in the Ninja Forms menu.

Viewing Submissions

Configuring your View

Choose the form you would like to view submissions for from the dropdown menu.

Choosing the form you would like to work with

You can select how many submissions to see at once, and which fields to show in the preview (per form) by expanding the “Screen Options” tab at the top of the Submissions view. Click “Screen Options on the top right to open and close this menu.

"Screen Options" manage the layout of your submission data.

Filtering Submissions

Submissions can be filtered by date as well as search query.

  1. To search in a date range, enter your beginning and ending dates in the filter.Choose a beginning and an end date to filter your form submissions.
  2. To search all of your submissions for a specific term, input that item into the search field.Enter a search term to filter your form submissions

Working With Submissions

Editing Submissions

  1. Click “Edit” on a submission you would like to adjust or view in more detail.Click "Edit" to view or edit a form submission
  2. You may now edit any of the submission data.  Click “Update” to permanently save this information.Click "Update" to save changes to a form submission

Deleting Submissions

  1. You can delete submissions by clicking “Trash” in the submissions viewClick "Trash" to move a submission to your "Trash" folder
  2. You can also bulk delete them by selecting multiple submissions and choosing “Move to Trash” in the “Bulk Actions” menu.  (Please note, this will NOT reset your submissions count).Choose "Move to Trash" in Bulk Actions to move several submissions to your "Trash" folder

Exporting Submissions

  1. To download ALL submission data for a form, click the “Download All Submissions” button at the bottom of the submissions list. (NOTE: If this button does not appear, you likely have another plugin breaking this functionality.  Please try disabling other plugins temporarily to see if the button reappears)Export all of your submissions in CSV format with the "Download All Submissions" button.
  2. To download a set of submissions, select them in the submissions view and choose “Export” from the “Bulk Actions” menu.  (NOTE: This method *may* fail for large submission sets due to a limitation in some browsers.  Please try a different browser or use the above method if you are having trouble with the bulk export feature.)Choose "Export" from the "Bulk Actions" menu to export more than one submission at a time in CSV format.