The Zapier add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Configuring Ninja Forms – Zapier

    1. First, log into your Zapier account and click “Make A New Zap!”. Choose Ninja Forms as your trigger app.

Ninja Forms in Zapier's trigger app

    1. Choose “New Form Submission” and click “Continue”.

Ninja Forms trigger of new form submission

    1. Copy the webhook to your clipboard.

Testing Ninja Forms trigger and copying the webhook URL

    1. Log into your WP admin. If you haven’t already, install and activate the Ninja Forms Zapier add-on.
    2. Open your form and go to “Emails & Actions”. Click “Add new action” and select Zapier.

Zapier Action in Ninja Forms

    1. Paste your webhook (the URL you just copied) into the “ZAPIER WEB HOOK” field.
    2. Click “DONE”, then click “PUBLISH”
    3. Preview your form, fill it out, and “Submit”
    4. Back to your Zapier account page, click “OK, I did this”.

Zapier will search for your test submission, and sync your form. You should now see this success message:

successful Ninja Forms - Zapier test

(Note: Whenever you modify your form’s field settings, you’ll need to re-sync your changes with Zapier.)

You’ll receive a “Test Successful” message if Zapier finds your submission, and you’ll be able to “View your form” to make sure all the data is there.

integration test result

That’s it. Zapier now recognizes all of your form’s fields. You can now finish setting up your zap. Choose your Actions, and assign what data you need to the proper place.