The Aweber add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this documentation.

AWeber Authorization

The extension needs your permission to access your AWeber account, view your lists, and add new users to those lists. In the WordPress admin you should navigate to Ninja Forms > Settings and find the AWeber Settings box.

Aweber Settings

From there, click on the link: Click here to get your authorization code This should open in a new tab or page so you don’t lose your place.

This will bring you to the AWeber website which will ask for your AWeber login credentials. Once you have entered your username and password, click on the green “Allow Access” button.

Allow Access


This will authenticate your account with AWeber and if you’ve entered your credentials correctly you will be shown an authorization code. Copy the entire string to the clipboard.


Access Success

Return to your website’s admin, specifically the Forms > Settings AWeber settings. Paste the string you copied above into the text input and then click the “Make Connection” button. Ninja Forms should now be ready to work with your AWeber lists. You will see a success message and the text input will disappear.

Revoking AWeber Access

If for some reason you wish to remove the extension’s access to your AWeber account you simply revisit the Forms > Settings page and click on the “Remove Connection” button.

Remove Connection from WordPress

Setting up an AWeber Form

Now that we have enabled access to your AWeber account, we can proceed with configuring your form to send the desired data to AWeber via a form action.

Once you’ve configured your form fields as desired then click on Emails & Actions. Under the list of Installed actions, click on AWeber. You can add multiple actions if you want to submit the form to multiple AWeber lists.

Select AWeber Action

Next, you need to select the List you want to subscribe the user to. If you’ve properly authenticated all your AWeber lists should appear in the Lists dropdown. If you recently created a list in AWeber and it isn’t showing here, click on the refresh icon to update the lists.

Select List

Required Fields

AWeber requires an email address and some kind of name in order to be added to a list. At a minimum, you need to add a “First Name” and an “Email Address” field to your form. Optionally, you can use “Last Name” or a combination of both first and last name fields.

Field Mapping

At a minimum AWeber requires a name and an email address, so you need to tell the form action which fields to use for the Name and Email Address values. Click on the gray list icon and a dropdown list of all available form fields will appear. Click on the appropriate field and Ninja Forms will automatically insert the appropriate merge tag into the input. Optionally, AWeber also supports collecting an IP Address, Miscellaneous notes and Ad Tracking.

Optional Sign-up

A form action by itself automatically submits the information from a completed form to AWeber. If you’d like to make signup optional, then you can add an opt-in field to the form fields.

Go back to Form Fields and add a new field. Then click on AWeber Opt-in. Click on Done to insert the new field. You can drag and drop it to re-order it like any other field.

optin field

Like any other field, you can edit the label text. Also, you can decide the Default Value, or whether the optin checkbox is or is not checked by default.

optin Field

If the opt-in field is not checked, the form’s AWeber actions will not be triggered and the user will not be subscribed.

Sending Custom Data to AWeber

AWeber gives you the ability to collect custom data. First you must configure your AWeber list to accept this new information. In your account select the list you wish to customize, then in the List Options drop down, select Custom Fields.

Custom Fields in AWeber

From there you can define all your additional fields by entering a the field’s name and clicking Add.

custom field setup

Any custom fields you’ve created for your AWeber list will automatically appear in the List Field Mapping section of your AWeber action that you created earlier. You map them the same way as name and email fields by clicking on the gray icon and inserting a merge tag. If the custom fields don’t appear in your action settings try refreshing your lists again by clicking on the blue refresh icon.

Update screenshot under “Field Mapping” section that shows the old merge tag menu.

How To Add Tags

If you would like to add tags to your subscribers, you can do this by expanding the Advanced section of your Aweber action.

Click the “Add New” button and an empty field will appear below it. In this field, you can type the desired tag.

add tags to AWeber subscribers

If you would like to use one of the fields on your form a tag, you can click the “merge tag” button located on the right side of the field. When you click this button, a menu will appear, allowing you to select your desired field.

merge tags in the AWeber tag