The MailChimp add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this documentation.

Getting your MailChimp API Key

    1. In your MailChimp dashboard, go to “Account”
    2. Under the “Extras” tab, click “API Keys”

MailChimp 1

  1. Click “Create a Key” at the bottom of the page.
    MailChimp 2
  2. Your new key is in the textbox (highlighted yellow in the image). It includes the country code at the end, ex. “476025ba25fd1884cc6dd3a5f1fbfe04-us11”

Setting up Ninja Forms to work with MailChimp

  1. Download MailChimp from your Ninja Forms account (https://ninjaforms.com/your-account) and install it using Plugins > Add New > Upload in your WordPress dashboard
  2. Activate Ninja Forms – MailChimp on your Plugins page
  3. Go to Ninja Forms > Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and you should see a MailChimp section.
  4. Copy your key from MailChimp exactly. Make sure there are no blank spaces before or after your key.
    MailChimp 3

Adding a MailChimp action to your form

    1. In your form editor, click the “Email and Actions” tab.


    1. Click “Add New Action” and Choose MailChimp

MailChimp 4

  1. Choose the MailChimp list you would like the data to be saved to.
    Note: You may need to refresh the list. To do this, click the icon beside the “List” label.
    MailChimp 5
  2. Map the fields from your form to the appropriate MailChimp list fields.
    MailChimp 6
  3. Choose your Interest groups for your list, if any.
  4. Under Advanced, Choose if you would like users to confirm their subscription. If this option is enabled, they will be sent an email from MailChimp to confirm their addition to the list.

Please note that if a field is required in MailChimp, it MUST be mapped to a Ninja Forms field, no exceptions, or your contact will not be added to the list. Please check for this first before contacting support.

MailChimp Opt-in field

The MailChimp Opt-in field gives the user an option to choose if they want to be added to a MailChimp list without the need to setup a Conditional Logic statement.
If the MailChimp Opt-in field is checked, the MailChimp Action will be processed and the user will be added to the list. If the Opt-in is unchecked, the MailChimp Action will be ignored.
To add a MailChimp Opt-in field to your form, click on the blue add field button, then choose the MailChimp Opt-in