Plugin Settings

The Ninja Forms general plugin settings can be accessed under the Ninja Forms heading on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard.

Ninja Forms Settings

General Settings

General Settings

Version is the version of Ninja Forms that is installed on your server.

Date Format is the default format that Ninja Forms will display for dates. Ninja Forms follows the PHP Date format.

Currency is the default currency that will be used in Ninja Forms.

reCAPTCHA Settings

Plugin Settings 3

Ninja Forms currently uses reCAPTCHA v2 with support for reCaptcha v3 on the horizon.

Your reCAPTCHA Site Key and Secret Key can be retrieved by visiting Google’s reCaptcha admin page.

The reCAPTCHA Language setting sets that language that the reCAPTCHA will be shown in. See the reCaptcha language documentation for the appropriate language code.

The reCAPTCHA Theme can be set as Light or Dark to match your Site’s theme.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

Remove ALL Ninja Forms data upon uninstall – When the Delete all Data button is pressed, it will remove all Ninja Forms associated data from your entire site. The data deleted during this process cannot be recovered!

Disable Admin Notices – This option will remove all of the Ninja Forms related Admin Notices from appearing at the top of Ninja Forms. Any critical notices will still show.

Form Builder “Dev Mode” – Enabling the Dev Mode will show hidden options in the Ninja Forms builder

Allow Telemetry – Opting into Telemetry willow allow Ninja Forms to collect anonymous usage statistics from your site. No submission data is sent to Ninja Forms and this setting does not violate GDPR.

Opinionated Styles – When opinionated styles are enabled, Ninja Forms will apply structural CSS to the forms on your site. This option can be used to address issues with themes not styling Ninja Forms correctly.

Downgrade to v2.9.x – This option can be used when there are issues with converting from the 2.9.x codebase. This button will rollback Ninja Forms to the 2.9.x version of Ninja Forms. All changes in the 3.x codebase that were made since the conversion from the 2.9.x codebase will be erased.

Trash Expired Submissions – Pressing the Move to Trash button will move any expired submissions to the trash.

Remove Maintenance Mode – The Remove Maintenance Mode button will take the forms out of Maintenance Mode if they happen to get stuck during an upgrade.

Saved Fields

Plugin Settings 5

This section of the settings can be used to delete the Saved Favorite fields.

This section will only show up if you have save fields as favorites.