The Trello add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

How To Use the Ninja Forms Trello Add-on:

This extension allows you to create Trello cards from you Ninja Forms submissions.

You can control the card name and description from your form inputs, assign members to the card by default, set the card labels and its position. You can also set form inputs to be links attached to the cards.

Connecting to Trello

Before you can configure your forms to post to Trello, you need to connect your Trello account to the add-on. Once the add-on is installed you will see a new menu item under ‘Forms’ in the WordPress dashboard:

Simply click ‘Connect with Trello’ and you will be directed to a secure Trello page to connect your account:

Configuring a Form

Posting to Trello is controlled by a form action. Your form needs at least one text field that will be used for the Trello card title. This can be a text field, textarea or other text type field. Click on the ‘Email & Actions’ tab in the form builder and select the Trello action:

First of all you need to select the Trello Organization, Board and List where you want the cards to be created:

Then you need to set which fields will populate the card title and description (optional). This is done using the Mergetag system:

You can also add a field or fields that will contain URLs to be attached to the card. If you have the File Uploads add-on installed and file upload fields on the form, you can select which fields you want to have the uploaded files attached to the card.

Advanced Card Settings

You can further configure the Trello card using the ‘Advanced’ section of the action. This is where you can select where the card will be added to the list, either to the top or the bottom. You can set the labels to be added to the card, and which members assigned to it: