How to Upload a File to Dropbox from WordPress

Are you running short on storage for your WordPress website? If you accept uploaded files on your site, especially audio or video, storage space can run short fast. Files that live in your media library can also be a pain to share, requiring different levels of dashboard access for every user that needs access.

Dropbox is a fantastic service for storing and sharing uploaded files. Using them as a secondary service is a perfect remedy to limited storage or accessibility of uploaded files. With terabytes of storage space for relatively cheap and sharing as easy as inviting someone to a folder, Dropbox is hard to beat.

Getting files moved over to Dropbox from WordPress is the only catch.

If you’re tired of manually transferring files or sick of trying to arrange/maintain a custom integration, this article is for you. Below we’ll run through how to set up an automated system that will upload a file to Dropbox from WordPress!

Automate sending uploaded files directly to Dropbox in just 2 steps!

Allowing users to upload a file to Dropbox from WordPress is incredibly simple using your WordPress forms. All you’ll need is Ninja Forms and the File Uploads add-on. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to place a form anywhere on your WordPress website that allows users to upload a file directly into Dropbox.

Here’s how it’s done!

1. Connect to Dropbox via File Uploads settings

File Uploads has a built-in Dropbox feature. Connecting is no more difficult than the press of a button. Simply navigate to Ninja Forms > File Uploads and click on the External Settings tab. Locate the Dropbox settings, and click connect. You’ll be prompted to confirm with Dropbox, and you’re set.

uload a file to dropbox from wordpress by clicking connect in File Uploads' dropbox settings

Note the File Path option below the Connect to Dropbox option. When connecting to Dropbox, the file path Apps/Ninja Forms will be created for you in your Dropbox account. You can use this File Path setting to further define a subdirectory of choice.

For example, entering “November Photo Contest” here would place all uploaded files into the Dropbox directory Apps/Ninja Forms/November Photo Contest.

2. Point your form at Dropbox… and go!

Select any form with a File Upload field in place, or create one. With just the field, your users’ uploaded files will be stored in the media library as normal. But, we want to redirect and upload a file to Dropbox from WordPress instead. That’s as simple as adding the External File Upload action to your form.

The External File Upload field can be found under the Emails & Actions tab of your form:

the external file upload action that will upload a file to dropbox from wordpress

Add it, then click on it in the list of actions to configure it. You have one click left: toggling the Dropbox File Upload on:

toggle the dropbox file upload setting to on in order to upload a file to dropbox from wordpress

With that done, your users’ uploaded files will hit the media library only briefly on their way to Dropbox. That’s it, you’re set!

These 2 steps and about 5 minutes setup is all it takes to upload a file to Dropbox from WordPress

File management can be a hassle. Automate it! Following these 2 simple steps will give you an automated transfer of user uploaded files directly into Dropbox from WordPress in under 5 minutes. No more red-lining your server storage. No more hunting and pecking through the media library trying to identify files you can delete to save space. Stop manually transferring files. Spend your time and energy on your business, not managing piles of files!

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