The ConvertKit add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Connect to your ConvertKit Account to Ninja Forms

In order to enable communication between your WordPress site and ConvertKit you need an API key to connect both system. The ConvertKit API Key is available in the ConvertKit Account Settings Page.

Then go to Ninja Forms > Settings > ConvertKit and past in your API key.

Send your Form Data to ConvertKit

Go to Ninja Forms > Ninja Forms and edit one of your Forms. On the Emails & Actions tab, on the bottom right, you will see a blue and white plus (+) to add additional actions.


Subscriber Email – This Field is required by ConvertKit to save the data in their system. You will want to connect this field to an Email field on your form so users can enter their email address.

Form – This allows you to choose the ConvertKit form you would like the user’s information added to.

Sequence – The ConvertKit Sequence is the sequence that you would like ConvertKit to execute when the submission is made.

Tags – Tags in ConvertKit are further ways to segment and identify Subscribers in ConvertKit.

Fields – Under the Fields section, you can associate form submission data with additional ConvertKit information.

Advanced – You can turn on debugging to see that data that is being sent to ConvertKit through their API.