File Uploads

File Uploads for Ninjas Forms gives you the ability to insert file upload fields to your forms. This will allow users the ability to upload images, docs, audio or video files, or anything else you may need. You can easily set the directory where files are uploaded and even create dynamic directories based on the date, the form name, or a combination of criteria you select.

This extension also lets you easily manage all of your uploaded files within a handy file browser. You can filter files based on name, extension, form, or date submitted to locate the exact files you are looking for.


  • Add file upload fields to your Ninja Forms.
  • Uploads files to your server, Dropbox, or Amazon S3 accounts
  • Browse, view, and delete file uploads from within your WordPress admin.
  • Limit allowed file types.
  • Rename files dynamically upon upload.
  • Allow multiple file uploads with one field.
  • Email files as attachments to administrators.
  • Allow users to add “Featured Images” to posts when using the Post Creation or Front End Editor extensions.