Want to Upload Files to Google Drive from WordPress?

Need to accept uploaded files from your WordPress users but really wish there was an easier way to organize and manage them?

File management can be a real pain in the neck. Especially when you’re dealing with any kind of volume at all. Whether you’re taking applications or resumes every now and then, or consistently accepting files of any type, sorting, organizing, and managing them can get chaotic. Fast.

WordPress’ default uploads folder isn’t great for sharing with the people that need them. Manually sifting through files to share and organize gets very time consuming. On top of that, the folder being essentially open to the public isn’t anywhere near ideal if your users are uploading anything sensitive.

What if we told you that you can save tons of time sifting through uploaded files and instead send them all into an easily searchable, sortable, sharable, secure, organized system?

Connecting your file upload forms directly to Google Drive is your answer. Send user uploaded files into one tidy folder by themselves, easy to sort, search, and maintain. Here’s how to connect your WordPress uploads to Google Drive!

Upload files to Google Drive from WordPress!

You can use your WordPress forms to automatically move any user uploaded file directly into a designated Google Drive folder. This is a native feature of Ninja Forms’ File Uploads add-on, which you’ll need to install and activate to use. This takes maybe 2 minutes to setup, so no worries if you’re not a technical person. It’s drop dead easy.

Once you’re set up, you can designate any form on your site to send file uploads into Google Drive.

2 steps and you’re done. Here’s Step 1.

Once you have File Uploads plugged in, heads to Ninja Forms > File Uploads in your WordPress dashboard. Click into the “External Settings” tab, and you’ll see a section for Google Drive:

Click the “Connect” button in the Google Drive Settings box shown above. Google will prompt you to choose the account you want linked, and then request permission for Ninja Forms to access that account.

Next, name the folder you want your file uploads to be stored in using the File Path setting. Whatever you type here will be the name of the folder in Drive. If you leave this setting blank, files will go straight to your general My Drive area and will not be placed in a folder.

You’re ready for the next and final step!

Step 2: Open any file upload form, add an action, and you’re done.

Now pop open the form you want to use to upload files to Google Drive from WordPress. If you don’t have a file upload field on your form already, you’ll need to add one from the list of fields on the Form Fields tab.

Click into the Emails & Actions tab. Add an External File Upload action to your form (little blue circle/+ symbol on bottom right corner of screen).

Finally, open up the new action and toggle on the Google Drive setting:

Grab File Uploads, take the 2 steps above, and you’re sharing and organizing uploaded files easier than ever before!

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Why would you not want to bring easier file sharing and organization into your life today? Stop wasting time filtering through WordPress every time you need a file. Get everyone that needs access to files access in realtime. Eliminate the need for everyone to go through you that needs a file!

Get File Uploads for Ninja Forms, set this up, and take advantage of extra time in your day and less of a pain in you neck! Comments are below… any questions or feedback is more than welcome!