Conditional Logic

This extension for Ninja Forms allows you to create “smart” forms. Fields within these forms can dynamically change based upon user input; show or hide fields based on a selected item, set field values based upon a list selection, or display some text or a link based on the options chosen. Starting in version 1.3 you can now¬†create conditional notifications as well based on users input as well as other built-in our custom triggers.

Conditional Logic Example

This is a live form that shows some of the things that can be done with this extension. Test it by checking the first box below.

If "Check me!" above is checked, a new option will appear in the list below: Item 4. Unchecking "Check me!" will cause this option to be removed.


  • Create interactive forms that react to user’s actions.
  • Dynamically show, hide, or change the value of form fields.
  • Add or remove list elements on the fly.
  • Hide or show entire pages when used in conjunction with the Multi-Part Forms Extension.