Ninja Forms +

Use Stripe to accept payments using your Ninja Forms.

The Stripe extension enables you to accept credit card payments using Ninja Forms while your customers remain on your site through the whole process. The powerful processing engine of Ninja Forms gets the total, performs a checkout and then finalizes any processing that you need once the payment is successful. If the user’s payment fails, the form submission isn’t finalized, and notification emails aren’t sent.

With Stripe You Can

  • Accept credit card payment through Stripe using Ninja Forms.
  • Create sign-up forms that can accept payment.
  • Use Ninja Forms calculation fields to create dynamic totals based upon form interactions.
  • Include transaction ID receipts in user success messages or emails.
  • Sign up your customers to recurring payment plans.
  • Store both Live and Sandbox credentials for easy, per-form testing.

How it works

  • You sign up for a Stripe account.
  • You install and setup the Ninja Forms Stripe extension by entering your Stripe API Credentials. (If you need a reminder about where to find your Stripe API credentials, or want to know how to get them, we have a doc that explains how to do it.)
  • You create a form using Ninja Forms and enable Stripe.
  • Your users fill out your form and the transaction is processed right on your site
  • Your form finishes submitting and either displays a success message or redirects the user to a success page you’ve set up.
  • IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to set-up an SSL certificate to protect you and your customers.
  • IMPORTANT: Stripe requires at least version 2.6 of Ninja Forms.

* Please note that this extension will only function with an active Stripe account which is free to setup.
** Stripe requires an SSL certificate on your site to communicate payment data securely
*** Please note that only ONE payment gateway can be used per form. You can not use more than one at a time, i.e. Stripe and PayPal will not operate on the same form.


3.0.13 (12 February 2018)


  • Metadata now attaches to the customer record for recurring payments.
  • Added shipping address mapping for the Stripe action.
  • Stripe Checkout button can now be customized.
  • An email field on the form can now be used to autopopulate the email field in Stripe Checkout.
  • Added an API key helper to the form builder for first time Stripe action setup.
  • Credit card fields have been deprecated in favor of the Sripe Checkout payment method.
  • Admin settings for Stripe Checkout should now better reflect their intention.


  • All Stripe errors should now be caught on failed submissions.

3.0.12 (17 January 2018)


  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused metadata settings to lose track of what fields were mapped to them.

3.0.11 (02 August 2017)


  • Stripe should now work properly with the Save Progress add-on.
  • Stripe API keys should no longer be removed upon form import.
  • Upgrading to version 3.0 should now populate the payment total of the Collect Payment action properly.

3.0.10 (12 July 2017)


  • Added merge tags for Last 4, Card Brand, Customer ID, and Charge ID.
  • Form errors should now prevent the Stripe Checkout Modal from appearing.

3.0.9 (31 May 2017)


  • Added the option to send arbitrary metadata to Stripe in the Collect Payment action settings.

3.0.8 (02 May 2017)


  • Transaction ID should now be appended to CSV exports and attachments.


  • Fixed a bug that caused submission processing to fail when using Stripe.

3.0.7 (02 March 2017)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause Stripe to crash on old versions of PHP.

3.0.6 (01 March 2017)


  • Added support for Stripe Checkout. If you do not add credit card fields to your form, Stripe Checkout will be used.
  • Stripe can now be used with Conditional Logic.

3.0.5 (20 December 2016)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause Stripe Errors to be reported incorrectly to the user.

3.0.4 (01 November 2016)


  • Fixed a bug with card errors blocking re-submission.
  • Fixed a bug with using the plugin default currency.

3.0.3 (04 October 2016)


  • Conditionally hiding credit card fields should prevent Stripe from processing.

3.0.2 (06 September 2016)

  • Updating to v3.0.2 for compatibility fix.

3.0.1 (06 September 2016)


  • Fixing a bug with currency settings for Ninja Forms Three.

3.0.0 (10 August 2016)

  • Updated with Ninja Forms v3.x compatibility
  • Deprecated Ninja Forms v2.9.x compatible code

1.0.10 (09 September 2015)


  • Customers should now be created in Stripe after their charge.

1.0.9 (08 September 2015)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause multiple Stripe enabled forms to fail if they were on the same page.

1.0.8 (12 May 2015)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause failed transactions to prevent future transactions from resolving properly.


  • Changed the position of the live and test keys to match the Stripe Dashboard.

1.0.7 (17 November 2014)


  • Removed the \”is this a Stripe Item\” option from non-processing fields like descriptions and submit buttons.
  • Updated i18n support.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a Stripe form from working properly on a page with a non-Stripe form.

1.0.6 (22 September 2014)


  • Added a .pot file for translation.

1.0.5 (12 August 2014)


  • Fixed a bug with thousand separators.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented non-USD currency from being selected in some cases.


  • Added a shortcode for displaying/sending Stripe charge ids: [nf_stripe_charge_id].

1.0.4 (24 July 2014)


  • Compatibility with Ninja Forms 2.7.



  • Stripe should now work properly in all multi-part forms implementations.



  • More logic to help prevent conflicts with other Stripe plugins.



  • Added some logic to detect and attempt to prevent conflicts with other Stripe plugins.


  • Initial release