The Twillio add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

How To Use the Ninja Forms Twilio SMS Add-on:

The Twilio SMS add-on for Ninja Forms enables integration with Twilio for sending text messages using SMS (Short Message Service). This has all sorts of uses, like texting notifications on submission, or thank you notes.

The Ninja Forms Twilio SMS is easy to setup. To get started you’ll need Ninja Forms, and the Twilio SMS add-on installed. You’ll also need a Twilio account and a Twilio phone number to send SMS messages from. If you are unsure how to install Ninja Forms, click HERE.

Setting Up your Twilio Account:

  1. Click here to create an account with Twilio.
  1. Once you’ve created an account you need to set up a number to use. You’ll find this under the # sign on the left hand side of your account dashboard.

This image shows the Twilio Phone Number Dashboard, used to obtain a Twilio phone number to send SMS messages from.

  • Twilio free trial accounts give you one number for free.
  • You can search for any number that suits your needs, just make sure your number has SMS capability.
  • Trial accounts include a notification in the SMS that you are using a Twilio trial account.  You can upgrade the account to get rid of this.
  • You can find more information on Twilio trial accounts here.
  • For information on billing and pricing, click here.

Using the Twilio Add-on:

Part A: Connecting Twilio

You’re one small step away from creating your Twilio SMS actions, just connect Twilio and Ninja Forms, and you can create SMS capable forms for many purposes.

  1. Once the Twilio add-on is installed alongside Ninja Forms you will have new options under Ninja Forms > Settings, in your WordPress dashboard. Head there to begin.
  1. At the bottom of that page, you will see the required settings to connect Twilio and Ninja Forms. It requires your Twilio Account SID and Authorization Token:

  1. Click on the Console Dashboard link to get your information, then copy and paste the keys in the fields on the settings page:

Shown are the Twilio SMS Account SID, and Authentication Token fields on the Twilio Console dashboard.

Part B: Adding a Twilio SMS Action

  1. When editing a form, click on ‘Emails & Actions’.
  1. Add a new action by clicking on the + icon.
  1. Click on the Twilio SMS action.
  1. Choose the Twilio Phone Number that should send the SMS.  If you don’t see a phone number, make sure you have a Twilio phone number that can send SMS.
  1. Next select the phone number to send the SMS to. Include the country code ( +1 for US and Canada, for example 1-555-867-5309). Merge fields are also supported.
  1. Customize the SMS message. You can include merge tags as well, like in the example below:

This image is an example of how to edit your Twilio SMS actions using merge tags.

  1. Save and publish your form. Any time someone completes the form, Twilio will send an SMS to the number specified.

Please Note:

  • Phone numbers must include the country code.
  • For non-US users, your country may have to be enabled first in Twilio’s settings, click here for more information.
  • Messages larger than 160 characters may be broken into multiple messages in some cases. See more details here.


-Messages Not Received?

  • Did you enter the number including country code? Click here for more info.
  • Check your SMS log HERE.
  • In the US, SMS usually arrive within a few seconds, in other countries you may have to wait for a few minutes. (Check the SMS log for status.)