PayPal Express

The PayPal Expresss add-on needs to be installed and activated to see the features mentioned in this this documentation.

Collecting Payment With PayPal Express

There are two ways to collect payment with Ninja Forms PayPal Express.  You can have either a fixed payment on each form where every user pays the exact same amount, OR you can charge users a dynamic payment based on a specific product they purchase.  Either method starts with the PayPal action.

In the form builder, open your “Emails and Actions” menu and click “Add New Action.”

Add New Action

Choose the “Collect Payment” action

Choose "Collect Payment" Action

Choose “PayPal Express” as your payment gateway.

Everyone pays the same amount (Such as an event registration with a set fee)
Everyone pays a different amount (Such as a product or quantity sales)

PayPal Express API Credentials

The first step to using PayPal with Ninja Forms is getting your API credentials for PayPal.

Please see the guides below for assistance.

Getting Your Sandbox API Credentials
Getting Your Live API Credentials

Once you have obtained your API keys, input them in your WordPress dashboard under Ninja Forms -> Settings -> PayPal Express.

Ninja Forms API Keys Input

Congratulations!  You’re ready to start accepting payments on your site!


PayPal has certain HTTPS standards that have to be met to be able to accept payments.

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