Want Slack Notifications from WordPress?

Have you ever missed a form submission or help request because you were away from your computer? Once you returned, did you accidentally overlook the notice or updated information when you returned? By the time you caught the error it was too late? We’re all human and have our responsibilities. Always staying logged in behind your computer screen so you never miss a submission is an unrealistic expectation….but some things are time sensitive.

Rather than constantly staying plugged into your website, why not have your website constantly plugged into you? With Ninja Forms and Slack you can have your website send you a Slack notifications from WordPress every time a WordPress form is submitted. By using the Slack Plugin for Ninja Forms and the Slack app for cell phone you can get updates from almost anywhere!

How to Get Started with Slack Notifications from WordPress

First things first, before moving forward you will need to create a workspace in Slack, install Ninja Forms, and install our Slack plugin. These are three fast and easy steps that, believe it or not, are the hardest steps for this process.

Set Up Slack

Before we jump into one forms, make sure your Slack workspace can accept WebHooks. Just follow the below link and follow Slack’s instructions to add Incoming WebHooks to the channel you desire.

After you’ve set this up on Slack, make sure you copy the WebHook URL. You’re going to need this in a few steps.

Customize the Notifications You Want to Receive from Your WordPress Forms

Once that’s completed, go into any form that you would like to receive a Slack updates, go to the Emails & Actions screen and Add New Action.

select the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to open the actions menu

From this screen you should the new action of “Slack” that you can now put on any page. Selecting it will put it onto your Emails & Actions screen so we can go into the settings and set the specifics.

select the Slack action icon from the list of available actions

The settings for slack are pretty straight forward. Rename the action if you need, set the message you would like to receive, and input the slack WebHook URL that was created for your workspace. See…I told you you would need that again.

the slack action gives you a place to select the channel and type the message you want going to that channel

If you forgot that URL don’t worry. Just copy and past the below link into your URL but replace ‘your-team-name’ with your workspace name and Slack will help you find it again.

  • https://’your-team-name’.slack.com/services/new/incoming-webhook

Preview your work to make sure that everything checks out and you are good to go! Never miss another form submission again!

example slack notification from wordpress in selected channel

Ninja Forms and Slack: To Keep Things From Falling Between the Cracks.

Life is busy, and we at Ninja Forms get it. It’s impossible to stay behind your computer screen all the time, always at the ready. With Slack integration you can go about your life and responsibilities without the worry of missing a submission. Keep your records and To Do list updated even while away!  With Ninja Forms we can keep your updates simple to make your life easier.

Comments are below. Have any questions about getting different types of notifications from your WordPress forms on the go?