Building a Form


Building A Form

Creating the Form

In your WordPress dashboard, click “Add New” under the “Forms” menu. (You can also click “Add New Form” on your “All Forms” page.)

Using a Template

When you create a new form, you will be presented with several template options.  Click one to automatically apply fields (and styling!) to your form.

Building from Scratch

Adding Fields

To add your own fields without using a template, use the blue “Add Field” button in the bottom right to open the fields drawer.

Single-click or drag the fields from the drawer into the builder

When you have finished adding fields, click “Done”.

Editing Field Settings

To change the field label, label placement, force a field to be required and more simply click on the field to open its settings drawer.  You may also click the blue gear icon to open the field settings drawer.  This drawer is different for each field type.  For a detailed breakdown of field types, see the documentation here.

Duplicating or Deleting Fields

Hover over the blue gear icon in each field to expand the duplicate and delete icons.

 Preview the Form

Preview any form changes without impacting users on the front end of your site with the preview button here:

Publish the Form

Once you are ready to push your form changes live to the front end of your site, click “Publish.”

Adding the Form to your Page or Post

Method 1: “Add Form” Button

When you edit a Page or Post, there will be an “Add Form” button above the editor.

When you click this button, a modal will appear where you can choose your desired form from the dropdown.

Method 2: Form Shortcodes

On the Ninja Forms Dashboard, note that each of your Ninja Forms have a unique shortcode.

Within your page or post editor, you can insert the shortcode of your Ninja Form in order to embed it within your page or post.

Method 3: Append a Ninja Form

While editing your post or page, in the sidebar on the right side of the editor, there is also an option to “Append a Ninja Form”.  Choose your Ninja Form from the dropdown menu to have your form appear at the end of the page or post.


Tips and Tricks

Undo Recent Changes

Next to the publish button, click the “Rewind” icon to open the Undo Manager.

Here, you can undo any or all recent changes to your form:

Save a Field to Reuse Later

To save all field settings including label, list values, styling classes, and more to reuse later, click the “star” icon in the field settings drawer.  That will add a copy of your field to the “Add Field” drawer to be added to the current form (or even a different form) at a later time.

The field appears in the “Add Field” drawer:




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