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Design custom forms that link perfectly to your ActiveCampaign account for the ultimate in marketing automation. Better leads begin here!

Looking for powerful, intelligent marketing automation that’s not a hassle to use? You’re looking for ActiveCampaign!

Connecting data flow from WordPress to ActiveCampaign, or any CRM, can be a pain. If you’re still manually transferring data, there’s a far better solution. Tired of maintaining a custom integration that needs constant upkeep every time there’s a WordPress update? There’s a better way. Working out of a third party integration that just isn’t giving you what you need? There’s one that will.

ActiveCampaign is built to deliver an insightful, intelligent, and powerful marketing automation solution to you for your customers. Your Ninja Forms’ ActiveCampaign integration has been built to connect you to the full power of their CRM with none of the pains other methods offer!

A single action connects each of your WordPress forms to ActiveCampaign

With your new ActiveCampaign integration for WordPress activated and authenticated, all that’s left for you to do is connect the forms you want. That’s no more of a workout on your end than to add a simple action to the form or forms of your choice.

Within that action you choose the list you want from your CRM account, and begin mapping fields from form to CRM. You can map:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Organization Name
  • …much more

Not only can you fully map form fields to stock CRM fields, you can pull in your custom fields as well. In addition, you can assign one or more tags to your form fields that will be assigned to contacts who submit a form. Your account’s double opt-in feature is fully supported as well.

Integrate today!

ActiveCampaign shines for sales teams that require insightful, intelligent customer relationship management. There’s no reason your integration should deliver any less. Integrate today and combine effortless, intelligent marketing automation with your WordPress website!



  • Initial Release! Woot!


  • Resolved an issue with automatic updates.


  • Resolved issue with data from list checkboxes not sending to ActiveCampaign API.


  • Resolved an issue with some custom fields from ActiveCampaign not being returned in Ninja Forms’ Action.


  • Resolved an issue where ActiveCampaign fields (in WordPress) would not update to reflect changes to existing or new fields made through the ActiveCampaign user dashboard.


  • Add Plugin description


  • Corrected an issue that was causing too many API calls.
  • Plugin should no longer always show available updates.