This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!

Elavon for Ninja Forms

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Collect credit card payments into your Elavon merchant account (requires SSL certificate)

Elavon is one of the largest payment processors in the world. Their service is re-branded and offered through many banks and even your favorite membership warehouse. With this extension, you can connect your WordPress website directly to your merchant bank account and process credit card payments through your site. Perfect for e-commerce or for making it easy for your clients to pay you online!

Please note: because you will be collecting credit card information on your site, you must have a valid SSL certificate for the domain and page on which you will host this form.

*** Please note that only ONE payment gateway can be used per form. You can not use more than one at a time, i.e. Elavon and PayPal or Stripe will not operate on the same form.



2015.10.15 Add function to strip out currency symbol and thousands separator in file form-processing.php


2015.05.19 Modify nfelavonpaymentgateway_create_sidebar function change tab to \’builder\’ was \’field_settings Receipt fields were no longer appearing after tab settings change in core


2014.11.06 Add check for 0 transaction amount to stop processing without error so that other payment options, like pay by check, can be used as an option


Move hook to ninja_forms_process , was ninja_forms_pre_process


Change name in updater class to enable automatic updates and licensing


Submit for final testing and release


2014.05.20 Move elavon processing to pre_process Add timeout and redirection limits on comm object change function name to nfelavonpaymentgateway_add_elavon_field_mapping, was nfelavonpaymentgateway_modify_field_defaults


use function_exists function around ninja_forms_register_field to eliminate error during updates/uninstall


Submit for testing


Initial Setup

This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!