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Accept credit card payments from any of your WordPress forms. Pass customer and invoice info from any field securely into Elavon with each payment.

Are you looking for a better way to process payments on your WordPress website? Happy using PayPal but need to add a means of accepting credit card payments as well? Concerned about the security of your customers’ financial data and searching for a payment gateway with a world class reputation for security?

Look no further than Elavon. One of the largest payment processors in the world, their service is rebranded and put to work in airlines, restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets around the world, every day. Protect your customers and your reputation with one of the world’s most secure payment processing solutions!

With the Ninja Forms Elavon extension, you can connect your WordPress website directly to your merchant bank account and process credit card payments directly from your site.

Make accepting payments in WordPress easy

Your customers shouldn’t have to work to make a purchase from you. You want your payment processing options to be simple, streamlined, and clean. Ninja Forms’ Elavon extension makes every user transaction painless, friendly, and safe. Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Create an account with Elavon
  2. Add an Elavon action to your form
  3. Map payment and informational fields from your form to your Elavon account

Elavon and Ninja Forms does all the heavy lifting from there. This extension is perfect for:

  • Small to enterprise level businesses that need a way to simplify payment acceptance on their WordPress website
  • Accepting payments on the go from mobile or tablet devices
  • Businesses that require accessible account management 24/7/365

More than just payments: collect valuable customer data for each transaction with ease

Elavon knows the value of collecting customer information beyond basic credit card numbers, and offers fields for additional customer metadata within your merchant account. It’s a simple matter of a few mouse clicks to map your Ninja Forms fields to these informational Elavon fields. Collect and pass personal information like name and address, even invoice numbers and other transaction data effortlessly.




2019.02.25 Add character replacement functionality to replace \’#\’ with blank – API communication errors when # symbol is in submission – Replacement can be modified using filter nfelavon_xml_replacement

Add transaction and receipt field value replacement functionality using field labels. Merge tags can be used in Email and Success Message actions; Field labels must be manually typed as shown: – {elavon:html_receipt} – {elavon:plaintext_receipt} – {elavon:txn_id}


2018.06.05 Modify incorrect NF_Elavon constant NAME – incorrect name prevented license activation and automatic updates


2018.02.27 Upgrade to Ninja Forms 3.0


2015.10.15 Add function to strip out currency symbol and thousands separator in file form-processing.php


2015.05.19 Modify nfelavonpaymentgateway_create_sidebar function change tab to \’builder\’ was \’field_settings Receipt fields were no longer appearing after tab settings change in core


2014.11.06 Add check for 0 transaction amount to stop processing without error so that other payment options, like pay by check, can be used as an option


Move hook to ninja_forms_process , was ninja_forms_pre_process


Change name in updater class to enable automatic updates and licensing


Submit for final testing and release


2014.05.20 Move elavon processing to pre_process Add timeout and redirection limits on comm object change function name to nfelavonpaymentgateway_add_elavon_field_mapping, was nfelavonpaymentgateway_modify_field_defaults


use function_exists function around ninja_forms_register_field to eliminate error during updates/uninstall


Submit for testing


Initial Setup