Layout and Styles

This extension gives you power over the look and feel of your Ninja Forms from within your WordPress admin. It gives you the ability to style almost every part of your form, down to the smallest detail, with little to no CSS coding. However, if you do know CSS, or like to experiment, this extension is even more powerful.

When you place a form on your WordPress website, you want it to look great. We want that for you, although it’s actually far more challenging than you might think.

Your particular theme may have been designed by someone who takes great pride in making sure every possible HTML tag is designed perfectly. Or it may have been designed by someone who made these elements ugly or didn’t bother to style them at all.

Ninja Forms was designed with speed and flexibility in mind. We assume the best in your theme designer, and therefore we don’t add a lot of extra CSS that might override the designers original intent. We feel like that is the best solution: playing nice with themes. In those instances when your theme does not have the careful attention to these form elements, Ninja Forms can appear less than stellar. This isn’t necessarily Ninja Forms’, or any other form creation plugin’s, fault. We’ve looked at it as an opportunity.

Also check out the Layout & Styles Extension Documents & Videos.


  • Create 1 to 4 column form layouts with a drag-n-drop editor.
  • Easily add styles to form elements, labels, and wrappers.
  • Add default styles to elements, and/or specify styles by element type, form,  or form field.
  • Export and import styles.
  • Easily style standard form components: datepicker, success message, even and odd field rows, etc.
  • Add styles to your form’s error messages.