Create contacts, opportunities, projects, tasks, and notes from your form!

Ninja Forms +
Insightly CRM

The Insightly CRM extension for Ninja Forms enables you to send your form submission data directly into your Insightly CRM account, managing your sales leads effectively.

With Ninja Forms + Insightly you can:

  • Jump start your sales workflow directly from your contact form submission by generating:
    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • Organizations
    • Opportunities
    • Projects
    • Notes
    • Tasks
  • Connect directly to your Insightly account and map form fields to the custom fields you create for contacts.

In addition to this impressive list of modules, your contacts will automatically be linked with the Organization, Opportunity, Project, Note, and Task.  If you create a Lead, it will be linked to the Note and Task.



2017.03.20 Change Name and Slug contants for automatic update


2017.01.19 Add upgrade functions from 2.9 to 3.0

Correct setting id for nfinsightlycrm_most_recent_raw_request

2017.01.07 Make the new record ids available for other use using nfinsightlycrm_process_new_record_ids action

2017.01.01 Combine two lookup arrays into single nested associative array Add advanced code functionality Move variable handling into Plugin Setting class

2016.12.09 Replace programmatic field map values with readable value and use lookup array

2016.12.09 Enable switching of Insightly API version via constant definition Enable setting qty of records to return via constant definition

2016.12.08 Dashboard support for Insightly response messages

WIP – Modify version compare operator for deprecated selection

Develop 3.0 for initial release

2016.01.21 Initial commit from Kozo build