Ninja Forms +
Insightly CRM

Your customer's journey begins with your WordPress forms. Send Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Custom fields and more seamlessly from WordPress to Insightly!

Building deeper customer relationships means your business grows faster. That kind of relationship-driven growth has long been the strength and specialty of Insightly CRM. As both a WordPress and Insightly user, there’s only one real obstacle to tap into the full potential of their service:

A fully featured integration between WordPress and Insightly can be hard to find.

  • Searched the repository for a plugin that links your WordPress website to Insightly?
  • Maintaining an expensive custom solution between WordPress and Insightly?
  • Still manually transferring customer data?

Stop now. There’s a far better solution that frees up your resources to be better spent elsewhere. Connect your WordPress website directly to Insightly CRM via your WordPress forms!

Effortlessly connect WordPress with Insightly CRM through your WordPress forms

The Insightly CRM extension for Ninja Forms enables you to send customer submitted data from your WordPress forms directly into your CRM account. Easily create:

  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Organizations
  • Opportunities
  • Projects
  • Notes
  • Tasks

Establishing a connection is incredibly simple. All you have to do is copy the Insightly API key from your account and paste it into the Insightly Settings of Ninja Forms. Test to validate the connection, add an Insightly CRM action to any form, and then map form fields to CRM fields!

Full support for Optional Modules

In addition to creating your Lead or Contact in Insightly, you have the ability to attach various other modules to your newly created person. Opportunities, Projects, and Tasks are all available, and each have a number of fields available to more fully develop your new lead or contact. See our documentation for full details!

Easily map any WordPress forms field to any Insightly CRM field

Selecting how data is transmitted to Insightly is a breeze. With your connection established, you have ful access to every field in your Insightly account.

Simply select the form field (left), pair it with the Insightly account field (right), mark it with an Entry Type if desired, save, and go. That’s quite literally all there is to it!

image of ninja forms settings mapping form fields to insightly crm fields

What are you waiting on? Link your WordPress website to Insightly CRM easily and completely today!



2018.04.19 Add key change listener to update field map merge tags

Modify structure of custom field maps to handle new custom field names. Custom field names used to be prefixed with entity name, which was used to identify entity. New custom field names do not have prefix but have an additional field with entity name.

Add Organization address fields

Remove empty values from request to prevent request rejection from API

Change action name to Insightly, was Add to Insightly

Separate Comm classes and Functions for pre-3.0 so ongoing development can be optimized for 3.0 without 2.9 compatability requirements


2017.10.14 Add visibility field maps for contacts and leads Add responsible user for leads


2017.07.31 Update Twitter and Linked IN field maps to reflect new Insightly structure


2017.07.09 Initialize Raw Response as array to use \”[]=\” in PHP 7



Remove html tags from text area. Add support message for contactinfos missing field value (email, phone, social, website) Add advanced commands functionality


2017.04.14 Add test link for API connection validation w/o needing to create form

Add support messages for Insightly 400 responses

Convert Lead country into required format for Insightly

Remove Notes; not available in Insightly API v2.2

Set default Task fields


2017.03.20 Change Name and Slug contants for automatic update


2017.01.19 Add upgrade functions from 2.9 to 3.0

Correct setting id for nfinsightlycrm_most_recent_raw_request

2017.01.07 Make the new record ids available for other use using nfinsightlycrm_process_new_record_ids action

2017.01.01 Combine two lookup arrays into single nested associative array Add advanced code functionality Move variable handling into Plugin Setting class

2016.12.09 Replace programmatic field map values with readable value and use lookup array

2016.12.09 Enable switching of Insightly API version via constant definition Enable setting qty of records to return via constant definition

2016.12.08 Dashboard support for Insightly response messages

WIP – Modify version compare operator for deprecated selection

Develop 3.0 for initial release


2016.03.02 Add Responsible User ID and Owner ID to Lead Add Owner ID to Contact




2016.01.01 Add default values for Opportunity and Project fields that are required and are not mapped in the form. Add Lead Description as a field mapping option for text area field


2015.12.08 Add Description for Leads Add Project and Opportunity Tags Add Opportuity Pipeline and Stage Linke Notes and Tasks to Leads


2015.08.26 Add support for Leads module


2015.04.09 Bug Fix: Add check for empty field because field not filled out can prevent creation of entire entry


2015.02.27 Enhancement: enable calc fields to be mapped to any mappable Insightly field


2015.01.15 Enhancement: Convert multiselect list to comma delineated string so it can be sent into Insightly Code cleanup – break out functions for easier management, remove unused vars


2014.09.10 Bug Fix: Change date format for task. Was \”Y-d-m\”, now \”Y-d-m H:i:s\”


2014.08.25 New Features Add custom field support for Organisation, Opportunity, and Project


Add Tags, Task, Opportunity, Project, and Notes modules


2014.06.26 Change \”private\” methods to \”protected\” Declare new_opportunity_id as protected


2014.06.26 – Add Organization and Role Change name of class RawRequest to InsightlyRawRequest


Live Release


Text and file cleanup


Code cleanup and testing


Initial Setup