This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!

Ninja Forms +
Zoho CRM

Easily integrate your Zoho CRM and convert more inquiries into sales

Zoho CRM for Ninja Forms

With Ninja Forms, you can create beautiful forms that entice visitors to contact you. By connecting your forms to your Zoho CRM, you’ll be able to monitor your best lead sources, follow up effectively with each inquiry, and convert those inquiries into more sales. Here’s what the Zoho/Ninja Form combination can do for you:

  • automatically create a new lead from your contact form
  • track which web page or marketing campaign generated the lead
  • record their interests and inquiries so you sell directly to them

You’ll save time and effort as each entry is automatically logged and categorized for you. Don’t let those form submissions get lost in a pile of emails – stay organized and follow up with each and every inquiry and convert them into sales.


= 1.7.1= 2015.09.16 Change field map value for Contact \”Mailing\” and \”Other\” Zip Code


2015.04.22 Add custom field mapping for Contact Module


2014.11.20 Add mapping capability to more NF fields Change custom field preg_replace to esc_html – allows for special characters in custom fields


Escape attributes for form submission data; prevents error when certain characters are included


2014.08.06 New Features: Add modules for Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, Tasks, and Notes Add parameters for Approvals and Workflow Triggers Tweaks: Convert to JSON for response handling and OOP for communication


2014.06.24 Escape attributes for pick list options to prevent comm failure when selections include special characters


2014.06.03 Add raw communication data to settings page to enable faster customer support


2014.05.19 Modify zoho crm scope to remove key from value


Update tags


Custom mapped field to allow dash


Use User Analytics\’ field grabbing function created by Patrick Rauland instead of custom function originally used


Add Custom Field Mapping

–data-processing.php Add Custom Field Mapping option

Modify Annual Revenue validation to remove all non-numeric and conver to integer

Remove function that turns on error log writing

–field-registration.php modify field mapping function to make it extendable by other plugins with custom fields add custom mapping field


Initial communication with User Analytics

Add User Analytics fields \’country\’ \’region\’ \’postal_code\’ \’city\’ as mappable fields

In field-registration.php, change mapped field values for dividers from \”none\” to \”divider\” and add code to reset to \”none\” before processing. The resetting prevents unwanted fields from being mapped.

In data-processing.php, add secondary check during mapping to ensure divider fields don\’t get mapped


Modify log data status and debug information based on recent learning from Elicere support ticket

Add preg_replace code for Annual Revenue field to prevent comm failure – Zoho requires integer for Annual Revenue

Format documentation with html headers Modify instructions for end user documentation


Changed the name of the plugin to fit in with the Ninja Forms standard: Ninja Forms – Zoho CRM. Fixed the version number constant. Changed the licensing option call to the correct format. Add text-domain for all translations (ninja-forms-zoho-crm) Add gettext function around \’Map this field to your Zoho CRM\’ – missing it prior Remove .nff file from plugin – to be uploaded to NF site after approval Remove authtoken test value from remarks Add default .po and .mo to initiate translations

This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!