Ninja Forms +
Zoho CRM

Customize your forms to get the most out of your connection between WordPress and Zoho. Link form fields directly to Zoho fields, custom fields included, from almost any module.

Reaching out to prospects at just the right time and in all the right channels is a critical piece of your sales team’s success. Getting all the pieces you need for a successful deal in place and organized to lead into closing can be a challenge. If Zoho is your CRM of choice, then this integration is what you need to ensure your connection to WordPress won’t ever be an obstacle.

  • Are you done with maintaining a custom integration that takes time away from focusing on sales?
  • Less than impressed with your current solution for pulling data into your Zoho account from WordPress?
  • Still transferring data manually between your website and your CRM?

The Zoho CRM extension for Ninja Forms will take that extra workload away, forging a direct link between your WordPress forms and Zoho account. Work smarter!

Connect your WordPress forms directly to your Zoho CRM account

The Zoho CRM extension for Ninja Forms enables you to send customer submitted data from your WordPress forms directly into your CRM account. Easily create:

  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Potentials
  • Notes
  • Tasks

This integration will automatically link your Contacts with the Account, Potential, Task, and Note. If you create a Lead, it will be linked to the Note and Task.

Work smarter by letting your sales team focus on sales and your plugin handle the rest!

Map form fields to Zoho neatly and easily (including custom fields), trigger workflow rules, and more!

The Zoho field mapper, addable to any form, makes configuring data flow between form and account a breeze. Simply select the form field, pair it to the desired Zoho account field, and go. Data will be passed directly into your account with every new form submission!

Zoho CRM action in Ninja Forms demonstrating ease of field mapping

Custom fields are completely supported and easily configurable as well. If you need a constant value passed into your account, simply define it along with the account field it needs to be passed to. There’s nothing more to it.

Workflows can be triggered with any new submission and can be set to require approval, or not, with a single setting.

What are you waiting on? Integrate WordPress with Zoho CRM today and close more deals the smarter way faster and easier than ever before!



Add Sales Orders and Quotes modules
– requires API v2 and also Zoho CRM premium subscription

Add Potentials custom field map


Add linking for Notes using new API structure
Update Potential Name to API v2 name Deal_Name – was Potential_Name


Change Title to Designation – Zoho changed the field name in API v2


Correct Zip Code to Zip_Code – Zoho changed the field name in their v2


Display field list functionality – Helps form designers pick the exact field
name for any non-standard field. Advanced commmand is:
display_fields_MODULE where MODULE is replaced by the name of the module

Add custom validation functionality. Enables form designer to specify which
validation functions to call on any entry in the option repeater

{multipicklist} - structures multi-select field for Zoho multi-picklist
{replace_underscores} - replace underscores with spaces
{remove_nonnumeric} - ensures value comes in as a number
{force_boolean} - converts value to true/false
{convert_date_interval} - converts value to a date interval from submission date
{format_date} - formats value to a Zoho date format

Add custom format options for fields. Force boolean, force integer, format date
are all newly available for any value being mapped to Zoho.


Correct key name for API v1 authtoken


Add EU domain extension for EU accounts. Changed from v1


Use Zoho\’s API v2; v1 is being phased out

Add multiple entries for each module using advanced command
example: Lead_XX adds XX number of leads

Remove undesired modules from field map list for easier map building
example: Lead_0 removes the lead module from the dropdown

Add Email Opt Out field map for Lead and Contact


Add EU endpoint with filter and advanced command


Remove html tags appearing in text areas; option to keep tags with
advanced command and filter

Add quick authtoken test link on settings page


Change name and slug constants for auto updates
Add Lead Description to available field maps


Add upgrade from 2.9 function

Return $data in Action process

3.0-compatible ready for testing


Add custom field capability for Accounts (standard fields and text area)
Enable text area custom fields for Contacts

= 1.7.1=
Change field map value for Contact \”Mailing\” and \”Other\” Zip Code


Add custom field mapping for Contact Module


Add mapping capability to more NF fields
Change custom field preg_replace to esc_html
– allows for special characters in custom fields


Escape attributes for form submission data; prevents error when certain characters are included


New Features:
Add modules for Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, Tasks, and Notes
Add parameters for Approvals and Workflow Triggers
Convert to JSON for response handling and OOP for communication


2014.06.24 Escape attributes for pick list options to prevent comm failure when selections include special characters


2014.06.03 Add raw communication data to settings page to enable faster customer support


2014.05.19 Modify zoho crm scope to remove key from value


Update tags


Custom mapped field to allow dash


Use User Analytics\’ field grabbing function created by Patrick Rauland instead of custom function originally used


Add Custom Field Mapping

Add Custom Field Mapping option

Modify Annual Revenue validation to remove all non-numeric and conver to integer

Remove function that turns on error log writing

modify field mapping function to make it extendable by other plugins with custom fields
add custom mapping field


Initial communication with User Analytics

Add User Analytics fields \’country\’ \’region\’ \’postal_code\’ \’city\’ as
mappable fields

In field-registration.php, change mapped field values for dividers from \”none\” to \”divider\” and
add code to reset to \”none\” before processing. The resetting prevents
unwanted fields from being mapped.

In data-processing.php, add secondary check during mapping to ensure divider
fields don\’t get mapped


Modify log data status and debug information based on recent learning from Elicere support ticket

Add preg_replace code for Annual Revenue field to prevent comm failure – Zoho requires integer for Annual Revenue

Format documentation with html headers
Modify instructions for end user documentation


Changed the name of the plugin to fit in with the Ninja Forms standard: Ninja Forms – Zoho CRM.
Fixed the version number constant.
Changed the licensing option call to the correct format.
Add text-domain for all translations (ninja-forms-zoho-crm)
Add gettext function around \’Map this field to your Zoho CRM\’ – missing it prior
Remove .nff file from plugin – to be uploaded to NF site after approval
Remove authtoken test value from remarks
Add default .po and .mo to initiate translations