Ninja Forms +
User Analytics

Get better data on where your form traffic is coming from with every submission. Add 12+ analytics fields including UTM values, URL referrer, geo data, and more!

Aggregating user data helps you make informed decisions about your campaigns and organizational strategy, but collecting it can be a pain.

  • Third party plugins often don’t work as advertised, and can be a hassle to synchronize with form submissions.
  • Google Analytics, the usual go-to for collecting user data, can often be far more than you need and a real beast to learn.

User Analytics is the data collecting solution for your WordPress forms if you’ve hit either of those barriers, or others, yourself. Created by Ninja Forms for use with Ninja Forms, User Analytics is a powerful data collecting tool without the headache of complex setup or an overwhelming user interface to sort through.

Collecting User Analytics Data is as Easy as Adding a Form Field

Getting the campaign and user data you need to make sound strategic decisions for your WordPress business shouldn’t be difficult. User Analytics removes the pain of other solutions by making the analytics data you need in your WordPress forms as readily available as a form field.

Simply open any form with User Analytics installed, and there’s a wealth of data collections tools at your disposal! Simply click to begin capturing the information you need!

user analytics fields in the ninja forms builder

Fields are viewable in the backend to WordPress administrators, but hidden on the website’s front end, out of view of your users.

Over a Dozen Different Points of Data to Capture

User Analytics focuses on campaign and user data, including the software individuals use to access your forms and the UTM data you need to organize a successful campaign. Fields you can add to capture data include:

  • Browser type and version
  • Operating system
  • Geolocation data including city, state, country, IP, and others
  • UTM data including campaign, source, medium, and more
  • URL referrer

No Complicated UI: User Analytics Data is Stored in Form Submissions

Accessing the data you’ve collected isa major pain point with other alternatives. With User Analytics, it’s as simple as viewing the WordPress form submission you placed the fields onto. Simply open form submissions in your WordPress dashboard and it’s there!



  • Updated with Ninja Forms v3.x compatibility
  • Deprecated Ninja Forms v2.9.x compatible code


  • Tweak: Switched geo-location API to improve and fix unstable geo-location data.
  • Tweak: Fixed HTTP_REFERER notice.


  • Tweak: Route request via own server to add secure connections (443).


  • Tweak – Added URL Referer field.


  • Bug – Using NF 2.9 tab name. Fixes issue adding UA fields to forms.


  • Tweak – No longer passing variables by reference. Causes issues in PHP 5.4+ (


  • Bug – Replacing GeoIP service with
  • Tweak – Using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR to get IP address


  • Feature – Adding UTM fields


  • Feature – Allow other plugins to access UA fields


  • Tweak – Implementing Ninja Forms licensing


  • Tweak – Adding icons to updater
  • Tweak – Changing main plugin file slug to be more consistent with other Ninja Forms extensions
  • Tweak – Refactoring custom fields


  • Initial release