This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!

Ninja Forms +
Capsule CRM

Create a new contact, opportunity, and task automatically from your contact us form.

Capsule CRM

Connect your Ninja Forms directly to your Capsule CRM and manage your sales leads effectively. Built-in Ninja Forms validation and support for Capsule’s custom fields make it easy to get the information you need the most from your site visitors.

Learn more about your visitors by automatically tracking which pages they contact you from and, when you combine this extension with the User Analytics extension, you can collect even better information that will help you dial in your marketing to convert those leads into sales.

*** NEW *** We’ve added great new features.  Now you can automatically create Opportunities and Tasks.  Set the due dates, estimated revenue, milestones as well so that your workflow is already set up whenever the form is submitted



2015.11.09 Bug Fix: Set Country field map to with correct field map instructions


2014.10.12 New Feature: Add contact details for Organisation module

Tweak: check for \”type\” validity in contact fields before adding


Option to create new contact with task to existing contact request merge


New Feature: Option to check for existing contact

Tweak: Add filter to modify field map options Add esc_html when outputting most recent response from Capsule Change allowed field types for address to include \”Office\” and remove \”Work\” Add esc_html on settings page for raw response to prevent incorrect page formatting


New Feature: Add custom fields for Opportunities Add RawRequestPlus conditional for customizations

Tweak: Change wording to \”Custom (for Person), was \”Custom\” Code cleanup


Tweak: Convert multiple selects in user submission from array to delineated string


New Features: Add tags and notes

Tweaks: move json_encode to process module method in Comm Object


Tweaks: Fix typo in defined Version Number for license extensions


Tag and Release Switch to JSON and classes for communication Add Opportunity and Task modules


Add TAG v1.0.3 and merge properly


Add TAG v1.0.2


  • Tweak – Fix error in Extension Updater call function


  • Initial release

This Add-on is not yet compatible with version 3.0 or higher of Ninja Forms!