Ninja Forms +
Capsule CRM

Boost conversions from WordPress to Capsule with forms tailor made to your audience. Link form fields to Capsule fields from a wide range of modules. Custom fields too!

Connecting your WordPress website to your CRM account shouldn’t be a time sink for your team, but it too often can be. Take that pain away with effortless integration between WordPress and your CRM with Ninja Forms’ official Capsule CRM addon!

  • Are you over having to maintain a custom integration that takes time away from focusing on sales?
  • Less than impressed with your current solution for pulling data into your account from WordPress?
  • Still transferring data manually between your website and your CRM account?

The Capsule CRM extension for Ninja Forms will take that extra workload away, giving you that time back to focus on what’s important: building stronger customer relationships and making sales!

Link Your WordPress Forms Directly to Your Capsule CRM Account

With this extension your WordPress forms will be able to send customer submitted data directly into your account, creating the modules your sales team needs to build the relationships you want. Supported modules are:

  • People
  • Organization
  • Opportunity
  • Notes
  • Tasks

Your newly created person will automatically be linked with the Organization, Opportunity, Task, and Note. Custom Fields and Tags you create in Capsule are also available for use!

Mapping Form Fields into Capsule Couldn’t be Easier… or More Thorough

Sending data through to your CRM account couldn’t be simpler… just set up a form, open your CRM action, and map each form field to a Capsule field. That’s literally all there is to it!

Capsule offers fine grain detail for every Opportunity, Note, and Task. Each of these modules contain extra levels of detail, and they’re just a mouse click away from being mapped to a form field as well. Easily collect either static data you set, or dynamic data entered by your users for each!

Custom Capsule fields? No Problem.

Capsule is designed to allow you to collect information relevant to your requirements via custom fields. Any of your Ninja Forms form fields can be mapped directly to any of the custom fields you’ve spun up inside your CRM account. People, Organization, and Opportunities modules custom fields are all fully supported and only a couple mouse clicks away from being set up inside your form builder.



2019.02.03 Add Entry Type validation for File Upload URL – selecting this option returns the href to the file upload URL instead of the full anchor tag Modify date interval logic – sets date to current date if interval of zero is entered


2018.10.05 Replace boolval() function and replace with PHP 5.2 compatible method Modify validation function for boolean to prevents false match


2018.06.22 Add custom field structure for API v2


2018.04.25 Modify strip_auth_code method for use case without full URL


2018.04.24 Remove string call for object; PHP 5.2 doesn\’t support it Add admin notice for Capsule update


2017.11.28 Fix display error on settings page


2017.11.27 Upgrade to Capsule V2 Includes refactor to better manage differences between v1 and v2


2017.10.26 Correct version number error


2017.06.05 Initialize raw response as array; in PHP 7.1.5 this becomes required


2017.04.13 Add boolean and date capabilities for custom fields Add owner field for Opportunities


2017.03.20 Change Name and Slug constants to match pre-3; enables auto updates


2017.02.24 Add min width for custom field map column

2017.02.24 Change datalist to select for field mapping

2017.01.21 Add upgrade functionality

2017.01.04 Ready for initial testing


2016.04.13 Enhancement: Add Task Owner as a field map option


2015.11.09 Bug Fix: Set Country field map to with correct field map instructions


2014.10.12 New Feature: Add contact details for Organisation module

Tweak: check for \”type\” validity in contact fields before adding


Option to create new contact with task to existing contact request merge


New Feature: Option to check for existing contact

Tweak: Add filter to modify field map options Add esc_html when outputting most recent response from Capsule Change allowed field types for address to include \”Office\” and remove \”Work\” Add esc_html on settings page for raw response to prevent incorrect page formatting


New Feature: Add custom fields for Opportunities Add RawRequestPlus conditional for customizations

Tweak: Change wording to \”Custom (for Person), was \”Custom\” Code cleanup


Tweak: Convert multiple selects in user submission from array to delineated string


New Features: Add tags and notes

Tweaks: move json_encode to process module method in Comm Object


Tweaks: Fix typo in defined Version Number for license extensions


Tag and Release Switch to JSON and classes for communication Add Opportunity and Task modules


Add TAG v1.0.3 and merge properly


Add TAG v1.0.2


  • Tweak – Fix error in Extension Updater call function


  • Initial release