Integrate with WordPress in 3 Steps

Since you’re here, chances are you’re already using to get things done.

But you also use WordPress forms. You’ve had enough of having to check your email or log into WordPress to see the new submissions. You’re wondering if it’s possible to monitor everything in one place, send new WordPress forms submissions directly to your board.

The good news is, it’s achievable and easy to do! This tutorial will walk you through how to integrate with WordPress in less than 10 minutes.

Here’s how to send any new WordPress form submission into

Before you follow this guide, make sure you have:

1. Get set up with Zapier.

The Ninja Forms Zapier add-on is the tool that establishes the link between WordPress and the application you want to send data to. First, install and activate it on your website.

Next, create an account with Zapier themselves. Now you’re ready to get started!

2. Make a Zap!

Zapier handles integrations between thousands of apps, and these integrations are called Zaps. We’ll be creating a Zap that will connect Ninja Forms with It’s super simple. Just log into your Zapier account and click “Make a Zap” in the left toolbar.

Make A Zap button on Zapier

3. Setup your Zap to integrate with WordPress

Once you’re in the zap setup page, just search Ninja Forms in the App & Event search bar to find us:

setting ninja forms as the trigger app in the new zap

Leave “New Form Submission” set as the Trigger Event and Continue. You’ll now see a webhook:

webhook from zapier that will be entered into the wordpress form you want to connect

Copy it, then head back to WordPress and into your form (or create one to the specifications you need). Add a Zapier action and paste the webhook into the Zapier Webhook field:

Now Publish (save) the form, Preview the form, enter test data into each field (do not skip this step!), and Submit the form preview. Now head back to Zapier, and click ‘Continue’.

You’ll now be prompted with a few options to proceed. We recommend to Test & Continue to make sure the webhook has succeeded in establishing a connection. If anything goes wrong, Zapier will give you troubleshooting steps.

On a successful test, it’s now time to connect WordPress to Same as before, search and select them:

choose as action app in zapier

In this example, we want to add a new item in every time there’s a new submission in Ninja Forms. Once you select the app and the event, Zapier will then ask you to authorize your account.

authorize account in zapier

A popup window will ask for your Personal API. Find this in your account by going to Account > Admin > API, then click ‘Generate’.

get API Key monday.comgenerate personal API

Once you’ve added your account successfully, you’ll be able to choose that account in Zapier. Click ‘Continue’.

Next, you should see the fields in Zapier: fields in zapier

Now just map the fields of your form to the fields you want to populate. The only required fields are the Board ID and the Item Name.

You’ll see that Zapier is using the field data from when you submitted the form preview above to learn which field is which. When you continue, this test data will be sent through to your to confirm the connection!

test integration between and wordpress from zapier

Now you have form submissions in your workflow!

What happens when there’s a new submission? You don’t need to log in to WordPress. You will see them in your board, ready to be tackled!

Leave your suggestions in the comments below! What tutorial would you want to see next?