Form Settings

To access the form settings, select Advanced from the top of the form.

Form Settings 1

Display Settings

Form Settings 2

Form Title – Name of form used for both display and administrative purposes.
This can be found under Advanced > DIsplay > Form Title

Display Form Title – Toggle to show/hide form title when displayed on page.

Clear Successfully Completed Form – Toggle this option on to clear submitted valued the form after processing.

Hide Successfully Completed Form – Toggle this option on to completely hide the form after processing.


Currency – You can choose the currency the form will display using this option.

Custom Class Names

  • Wrapper – add a custom class name to the Wrapper of the Form
  • Element – add a custom class name to the Form Element


Form Key – Programmatic name that can be used to reference this form in custom code.


Form Settings 3

Logged in

  • Require User to be Logged in to View the Form – If this option is enabled and the user is not logged into your WordPress site, they will not be able to view the form.
  • Not Logged in Message – Text input into this field will be displayed to the user if the Require User to be Logged in option is enabled and they try to view the form without being logged in.

Limit Submissions

  • Limit Submissions – This numerical value is the limit of submissions that the form will allow.
  • Limit Reached Message – This text will be displayed to the user when the Submission Limit is met.


Here you can attach a calculation variable to your form.  Create an equation using the +, -, /, and * operands.

Once created, the calculation can be output in an HTML field in the form or added to an email action, success message, and more using merge tags:

Please note that calculations are considered an advanced feature (similar to custom development), and our support team will not be able to assist with their use or configuration unless an easily reproducible bug is found.

For a more in depth look at calculations please check out our Calculations documentation.

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