How to Export WordPress Form Submissions to Excel

CSVs not cutting it? Wasting hours with manual data entry? You can now export WordPress form submissions to Excel with zero effort!

Data collection and analysis is one of the greatest necessary evils of all businesses. Looking at who is using your site and what information you have collected is a must when growing your site and building strategies. That information has to be presented in a way that’s easy to read and parse by the people that depend on that data. Getting it into that state can be a challenge.

The formatting of CSV exports often leave a lot to be desired. They can get clunky and hard to read, especially so the more information you have to share.

Excel is the obvious next answer. Trying to manually move data from form submissions into Excel can tie you up for hours each week, though.

There are plenty of plugins on, and plenty of paid plugins too, that offer this as a feature. You may have already tried a few and found the quality of what they can do… lacking.

Fortunately, there is an easy and organized way to export WordPress form submissions to Excel. One that won’t just not leave your data a garbled mess, but sort neatly into rows and columns exactly like you need it to. Find it below!

Do this to organize and export submissions from any WordPress form to an Excel spreadsheet.

This is as easy as installing the Excel Export add-on. Once you have Excel Export downloaded and installed, it is instantly ready to start exporting all of your data. There’s not even any addition steps to take on your forms. No additional fields to set up. Nothing to add to Emails & Actions. Any form data that has been submitted is ready to go! It couldn’t be easier!

Once installed, you can find Excel Export under the Ninja forms dashboard:

Selecting it will open the page where you can choose exactly what data you are after and looking to export.

From the Excel Export page, simply select from the drop down menus:

    1. What form you are needing to export into an Excel spreadsheet.
    2. Filter through the submissions of any one form for specific data (e.g. any submissions containing a specific email address, or response to a specific question on the form, etc)
    3. Which fields you want included or excluded.
    4. XLS or XLSX file types.

Once everything is set simply download the file and you are set!…unless you’re like me and don’t have Excel, but you can still save the file and upload it to a Google spreadsheet! Versatile and ready to share!

Get setup with Excel Export today and start saving countless hours that you can put to better things.

Excel Export is the fastest and easiest way to take your site data and place it in an easy to understand spreadsheet. You’ve already taken the time and effort to create your form and organize everything you need. You shouldn’t have to do that again once you export your data. Excel Export keeps everything sorted, sharable, and ready.

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The formatting of CSV exports often leave a lot to be desired. They can get clunky and hard to read the more data you're trying to export. Here's a better way to export data from WordPress into an Excel spreadsheet!Click To Tweet