Build a Quote Request Form in WordPress, Free!

Building your own quote request form in WordPress isn’t complicated or expensive.

Being able to offer a quick, affordable, and competitive quote directly from your website is a great way to turn more visitors in paying customers. Unfortunately there are some hurdles to making a quote request form in WordPress happen unless you know exactly the tool you’re looking for.

Paying a developer to build a quote request tool can easily get into hundreds of dollars, plus maintenance down the road.

Many plugins and services that specialize in this are bloated with features you don’t need, and expensive to boot.

If you’ve looked into other WordPress form builders for this feature, you’ve no doubt noticed that these can get pricey ($100+) fast, too.

You can use your WordPress forms to offer a quote request form in WordPress for little or no cost. No developer needed. Here’s how you can build one out yourself in just 3 steps!

1. Easily assign values to the questions that matter

You have specific questions you need to ask that will determine the price estimate for your quote request. Add a field to your form for each question. Assign each a Calc Value equal to the dollar value as it will factor into the quote. For example, if you charge $100 to service a residential property, $150 for a Commercial property, and $300 for an industrial property:

calc value settings in a radio field thatv allow for different prices to be assigned to specific options for the request quote form for wordpress

Note that you’ll need to have Dev Mode enabled to see the Calc Value settings. It’s not as scary as it sounds 😉

If you need users to enter values themselves, for example square feet, you can do that too:

a number field allows users to input their own values into your quote request form in wordpress

In the next step we’ll take each of the questions that you have a value assigned to, and get a total.

2. Calculate the total quote request

Ninja Forms has a calculations feature that can take Calc Values from any number of fields and turn them into a total for you. Hit the Advanced tab at the top of the builder, then click Calculations. You can place the fields that factor into your calculation here.

The calculation below adds the value for the type of property to the square feet of the property * .1 (10 cents per square feet).

the calculations feature will let you get a total for the quote request from the fields made in the last step

Next and finally, you’ll want to display or send the quote request for your (hopefully!) new customer.

3. Display or send your quote to the new customer!

You can very easily display the quote directly on the page, or you can send it to them  by email.

Display the quote request directly on the page

You can display the quote even before the form is submitted, allowing your guests to tinker with their answers to see how it will affect the quote. This just uses an HTML field with the calculation from the step above included:

users' view of the quote total ion the body of the form

Or make them submit the form first to finalize the quote. This just uses the calculation in a success message instead!

Send the quote to the customer by email

Any of your WordPress forms can send email. Just click the Emails & Actions tab, select or add the email notification going to the customer, and include the calculation value in the email action!

You can also generate a PDF of the entire quote request form, final quote included, and attach that to the email. That requires the PDF Form Submissions add-on which will let you generate PDF copies of any form submission to send or export.

In just the 3 steps above, you can offer a free but completely customizable quote request form in WordPress!

The steps above will have you offering quotes to your future customers at no cost to yourself other than the small amount of setup time involved.

Have tons of questions that you have to ask through quote request process? You should consider Multi-Part Forms to break the questions out over multiple pages, complete with navigation options. For quotes that include values that may vary depending on the way other questions have been answered, look into Conditional Logic for your WordPress form builder. Each of these are included in any Ninja Forms membership plan!

Comments are below! What questions do you have about building a quote request form in WordPress?

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