Want Row & Column Form Layouts? Just Drag & Drop!

Don’t have time to wrestle with code? Drag & drop fields for row & column form layouts in minutes!

Want your forms to look like they were built by a professional designer? Nothing screams “stock” quite like a long vertical stack of fields. Row and column form layouts look much better and are easier to read and engage with. And they really are easy to make!

Tried looking into CSS and HTML to make this happen? You already know you’re in for a long and winding rabbit hole of learning.

Even if you have experience in web design, themes don’t always make this easy. Sometimes their code even actively get in the way.

Hiring a designer is maybe an option, but why pay someone when you can do it yourself in just minutes?

How can you build fully responsive, mobile-ready row & column form layouts in just minutes? It’s so much easier than you think!

Build mobile-ready row & column form layouts with a drag & drop form editor

You’ll never need to touch CSS code to organize fields into clean rows and columns. Using the Layout & Styles add-on, just drag and drop them into place:

gif of an email field being dragged by mouse click from beneath to beside a name field

Just click on the field you want to move and drag it to the blue bar next to the field you want it positioned next to. Let go of your mouse button. That all’s there is to it.

This works just fine with 2+ columns, too:

gif of organizing multiple fields into four clean columns

Your form will also scale and look great on smaller resolution devices with any well-made theme.

Page viewed on iPad Pro:

screen shot of 4 column form on iPad Pro

Page viewed on iPhone X:

form on page viewed from iPhone X

Never spend more than a few minutes making professional quality WordPress forms again!

Even if you’re not a professional web designer, the technique above can make you look like one. You don’t need to learn code to make your forms look good. You don’t need to spend money on a pro to do it for you. Pick up Layout & Styles or any Ninja Forms membership now and start whipping up professional quality row and column form layouts in just minutes!

Bonus: looking for an easy way to make list field options into a neat horizontal row? Check this out!

Comments are below! What else would you like to see to help make your forms look better faster?