Need a Digital Signature for WordPress Form Submissions?

Want to create legally binding contracts or agreements and have them digitally signed and returned from the convenience of your WordPress website?

If you work with contracts or legal agreements on a regular basis, you can very easily imagine how much time and work would be saved by taking the process of filling and signing digital. No more hand delivering documents or waiting on post. No need to work another meeting into your schedule or drop off/pick up paperwork. No paper hard copy to keep up with and possibly lose (or spill coffee on!) until the deal is done.

Being able to generate properly formatted documents and collecting a legally binding digital signature for WordPress form submissions sounds like a wonderful thing, right? But yes, it can definitely present challenges to take that step into digital, signed documents…

How do you get the digital document formatted the way you need it to be? So many options are not very mobile friendly.

Plenty of WordPress plugins exist that have the ability to add a digital signature, but the matter of that signature being legally binding can be… questionable.

Services do exist that will handle all this for you, but monthly cost can undoubtably be a blocker.

Getting a process in place to generate contracts and collect a digital signature for WordPress isn’t technically challenging! In fact, it’s pretty simple. Following the steps below will get a system in place to collect the information you need from any client right from your WordPress website, generate a contract using that info, and then have it digitally signed. Here’s how you do it!

Here’s how to create signable contracts from any WordPress form submission by connecting to!

This simple 3 step process will enable you to:

  1. Collect any client data you need included for a contract or legal agreement from the convenience of your WordPress forms
  2. Send that data into the service to generate a contract (from a mobile-friendly template you get to format)
  3. Have the document digitally signed, and have that signature be legally binding

If that’s what you’re looking for, carry on. It doesn’t get any easier than this for you or your clients… especially for no more that $0.49 per contract!

1. Get set up with Zapier.

The Ninja Forms Zapier add-on is the tool that establishes the link between WordPress and the application you want to send data to. First, get Zapier installed and activated. on your website.

Next, create an account with Zapier themselves. Now you’re ready to get started!

2. Make a Zap!

Integrations between applications handled by Zapier are called Zaps. We’ll be creating a Zap that will connect Ninja Forms with your target service. It’s super simple. Just log into your Zapier account and click “Make a Zap!

the Make a Zap button on the top right of the zapier home page

3. Setup your zap to connect any WordPress form with

Just search Ninja Forms in the Choose App & Event search bar to find us:

setting ninja forms as the trigger app in the new zap

Leave “New Form Submission” set as the Trigger Event and Continue. You’ll now be shown a webhook:

this next step shows zapier's webhook

Copy it, then head back to WordPress and into your form (or create one to the specifications you need). Add a Zapier action and paste the webhook into the Zapier Webhook field:

Now Publish (save) the form, Preview the form, enter test data into each field (do not skip this step!), and Submit the form preview. Now head back to Zapier, and Continue.

You’ll now be prompted with a few options to proceed. We recommend to Test & Continue to make sure the webhook has succeeded in establishing a connection. If anything goes wrong, Zapier will give you troubleshooting steps.

On a successful test, it’s now time to connect to Same as before, search and select them:

choosing the service you want to connect with by searching and selecting from a field within your zap

Since it’s your only option in this case, Create Contract will be pre-selected for you:

If you do not have an account, take a moment to create one now, design the template you need, and then return here when that’s done.

Continue and you’ll be prompted to sign into your account, enter your API key (they provide instruction on how to find it if you need help in this step), and then Continue again.

Back in your Zap, you’ll now be able to select your Template and provide signee information. You can have multiple signees even though those fields are not pictured below.

setting up details about template and signee(s) within your zap

Note that Signer name, email, etc can be populated directly from fields on your WordPress form. The email that sends the contract can also be customized here. There are tons of options, so take some time moving through this carefully and making sure everything is just the way you want it to be. Test and Continue now, and you’re done!

If you followed these 3 steps, you can now use any form to generate a contract and collect a digital signature for WordPress form submissions!

One of the most beautiful things about WordPress is being able to take the stock experience and make it truly your own. Thousands on thousands of plugins offer nearly limitless integration to products and services produced by people all over the world.

It’s a big world though, and the repository can’t possibly cover it all. That’s where Zapier comes into play, connecting you to apps that don’t have an official plugin yet. We’re proud that your WordPress forms in part make that connection possible.

We hope you enjoy your new connection! What integration would you like to see a tutorial for next?

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