Multi-Part Forms

The Multi-Part Forms extension allows you to break long forms into sections, creating a natural flow for your visitors. You can add a breadcrumb trail through the various sections of the form and a progress bar so that your users know exactly where they are and how much of your form is left.


With the Multi-Part Forms Extension you can break up your forms in as many pages as you like. Break forms up by section, function, or any other way imaginable. In fact this is an actual Multi-Part Form you are using now.

These forms are extremely easy to create and a pleasure to edit. Fields can simply be dragged from one page to another.


  • Break long forms into multiple pages or ‘sections’ using a drag-n-drop interface.
  • Give each section a title and optionally display it.
  • Display a breadcrumb navigation above the form, making each section easy to access.
  • Add a progress bar to your form.
  • Easily move fields between sections.
  • Easily rearrange pages.
  • Conditionally hide and show entire form pages when used in conjunction with the Conditionals Extension.
  • Show a confirmation page to users displaying all of their data on one page before they submit.