Translate WordPress Forms with Ninja Forms & WPML

Disappointed that your WordPress forms plugin won’t immediately translate into the language you need? Don’t worry, they will. This is how.

Building a site for a client only to discover that your WordPress contact forms don’t support their preferred language?

Frustrated that WordPress supports your language, but your WordPress forms plugin doesn’t?

Manually translating a plugin can take ages and is a ton of work. If you have to recruit a translator, there’s even more time and cost involved.

Most translation plugins are only partially accurate, making your work look unprofessional. That’s no slight to those plugins, even Google Translate is notoriously inaccurate. Translation isn’t (usually) easy.

There is now a way to translate WordPress forms into 60+ languages. With translations made by native speakers of that each language. Find out how below!

With WPML, you can now translate WordPress forms into 60+ languages

list of 60+ languages available in wmplFor years, WPML has been the premiere translation tool for WordPress. They natively support high quality translations into more than 60 languages from around the globe.

We are delighted to announce that there is now official WMPL support for Ninja Forms!

If you’re a current WPML user, you already know the extensive flexibility this brings to translating… virtually everything.

If you’re not familiar with WPML, once you have this setup you’ll be able to create forms in your language, then translate them into any WPML supported language. With more languages and features to come.

Here’s what you need to translate Ninja Forms with WPML

You’ll need a Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency account with WPML. The Multilingual CMS account gives you everything you need for three sites. Multilingual Agency does the same for unlimited sites.

From there, you can follow their detailed documentation to download the add-on and begin translating your WordPress forms. Their support team is also ready to assist if you need a hand along the way.

Ninja Forms translation menu within wpml for selected languages (English, French, German, Slovenian)

Choose from multiple translation options

WPML offers a variety of translation options:

  • manual translation
  • automatic machine translation
  • human translation services

You can manage how your forms (and posts, pages, and more) are translated right from your dashboard.

If you already know the language, you can make the changes yourself. If you don’t, it’s fast and easy to translate forms on the spot with machine translation to a high degree of accuracy. Have lots of text and need it to read as if it were from a native speaker? Pass your form to one of 12+ translation services to get the highest quality translation possible.

Broaden the audience you reach with WPML for Ninja Forms

Never struggle with getting your WordPress forms into the language your audience speaks again. Never turn down another client because of the language they need their content in. We’re incredibly grateful to the WPML team for the work they do for WordPress users and developers around the world.

Comments are below. Do you have questions about WPML and Ninja Forms?