Upgrading “Save User Progress” to 3.x from 2.9

Save Progress for Ninja Forms 3.0 is finally ready and available for download! It’s taken forever, we know, and we’re sorry.

Here are the most important things you need to know before converting to 3.0

When we sat down to look at our extensions one by one to upgrade them to 3.0 compatibility, it quickly became apparent that a simple compatibility upgrade for Save Progress wasn’t going to cut it. We knew we could do a lot better than the old version offered, and so we set about to unlock the potential we saw in this extension.

  1. Your current saves will NOT convert to saves in the new 3.0
    • Current saves will be imported as normal submissions in the 3.0 version, marked in the submission editor as “Saved.”
      • These saved submissions WILL NOT be available to users on the front-end. This data is available for you as historical saved data.
      • You can convert them to full submissions by editing them.
    • A tool has been provided to email/encourage your users to complete their current saves into submissions if you wish to use it.
  2. The upgrade must be done MANUALLY
    • You must log into your ninjaforms.com account and download the new version manually…automatic updates will not work to upgrade you to this new version
      • Because of the breaking changes, we added a manual step to prevent inadvertent data loss.
  3. User login and registration functionality has been removed
    • The login/registration functionality in Save Progress was always been a bit hacky and caused issues for a lot of users, so it was removed.
    • A discount code of 75% is being provided to all current “Save User Progress” license holders to compensate for the removal of thise feature.
  4. User registration/login is NO LONGER REQUIRED to save form data
    • Save User Progress 3.0 allows user data to be saved in cookies if desired, meaning that site registration is no longer required.  For more information, see our announcement below.
  5. Support for the 2.9 version of Save Progress will end on 8/31/17
    • While you may continue to use Save Progress past this date, it will no longer be supported with security updates.  Feature updates and bugfixes have already ceased for this version.

That’s taken us a while, but we think you’ll find it well worth the wait. If you’re not familiar with Save Progress, the general idea is in the name, and that general idea is about all the older extension had to offer. With Save Progress 3.0 however, we’ve opened a new world of functionality: allowing users to save and load multiple save states, the ability to tie actions like success messages and email notifications to the save feature, local browser caching, and more!

Using the 2.9 Save Progress User Notification Tool

We have provided this tool for administrators who need to communicate with their users to complete their saved forms before conversion to 3.0 (saves from the 2.9 version are converted into submissions in 3.0…not as saves).

This tool MUST be used on version 1.2.2 of Save User Progress.  This tool will not work in the 3.x version.

You can download the plugin here.

  1. After installing the plugin, go to the submissions page and choose any form with saved progress from users.
  2. A “Notify Users” button will appear at the bottom of the form.

  3. After clicking the button, a modal will open where you can construct a message to your users instructing them to complete their saved submission.

Getting Access to the 3.0 version

If you have an active license for the old version of “Save User Progress,” then upgrading your license is easy.

In your NinjaForms.com account, go to “License Keys”

Find your “Save User Progress” license key, and click “View Upgrades”

Choose the upgrade you would like to your license (you may increase the site license count at this time)

That’s it!  You may now download the new version of Save Progress and configure it on your site.



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