Troubleshooting Email Problems

First, make sure you have an email action on your form and that it is activated (toggled to green).

Next, inspect your email action’s settings.

At a bare minimum, you should have:

  • A valid email address in the To setting, or a merge tag pointing to a valid email address.
  • Text in the Subject line (avoid all caps; write normally here to avoid spam filters)
  • Text in the Email Message

If everything checks out so far and the form submits properly, you’re most likely looking at an issue that’s external to Ninja Forms. We pass the collected email data into WordPress when the form submits, and WordPress hands it off to your host to be sent out. What else can be done?

Install a mail logger like WP Mail Logging. That plugin will add a spot on your dashboard where you will see a report on every outgoing email, along with an error log for each one:

Errors here are very rare; WordPress is pretty reliable with handing off email data.

If you do see an error here, and it references Ninja Forms, let us know!

If you see an error that does not reference Ninja Forms or if there is no error present, contact your hosting provider’s support team. WordPress passes email data received from any plugin off to your host for them to send, so if it’s made it out of Ninja Forms and past WordPress, the breakdown is most likely on that end.

I talked to my host, they say it’s nothing on their end, what do I do?

Install a dedicated mail service like SendWP. While hosts have lots of responsibilities, of which email deliverability is only one small part, SendWP specializes in making sure your email gets where it needs to be.

For more detail on dealing with WordPress email, how it works, and more in-depth troubleshooting, check out our Definitive Guide to WordPress Email.