Need a PDF Copy of any WordPress Form Submission?

Wish there was an easy way to send or export a PDF copy of a WordPress form submission?

You’ve probably tried lots of different ways to share your WordPress form submissions with the people that need them. Email is a great way to share, but doesn’t serve well as an official, portable document. Letting just anyone log in to see the submissions themselves is probably off the table for user privacy reasons. You can always export the submission as a csv, but that lacks the ‘official document’ quality the same as an email.

There’s 2 quick and easy ways to send WordPress form submissions as a formatted PDF document. It can even include company info in the header and even a logo if desired. Here’s how.

Email a PDF copy of the form submission to anyone that needs it

Need a PDF copy of the form submission to go out to the form submitter, yourself, or someone within your organization? It’s really simple to have a PDF copy of the form sent to anyone that needs it. This does require the PDF Form Submission add-on, but it’s literally as easy as flipping a toggle to on once it’s installed.

From any form you’ve created, go to the Emails & Actions tab and look at the Settings for Email Notifications.

You should be see an option under the Advanced settings that reads Attach PDF. Toggle this on, save your work, and the data collected by that form is good ready to be exported.

Publish and preview you work. I would also recommend submitting a test form just to make sure everything was constructed correctly.

Export any for submission as a PDF

This also requires the PDF Form Submission add-on, but again is just one step to accomplish after you have it installed and activated.

Once your form is set up and tested, from your Dashboard go to Ninja Forms and Submissions.


From the drop down menu select the form you need and from the build list you will see the option Export to PDF. Click this and you are good to go!

Bonus: Take advantage of PDF Form Submissions new customization features!

The PDF Form Submission add-onwas recently updated to be much more customizable than it has been in the past. It now includes features for customizing document title, header, and footer. You can even upload a logo to the header. Look for more customization features for the document body in the future as well!

Keep Your Work Fast and Professional with PDF Form Submission

Keeping up with your data and making sure it’s always within easy access shouldn’t take hours of your work of a clunky disorganized filing system. The PDF Form Submission add-on can turn hours of organization and formatting into a few simple clicks. While your looking at Ninja Forms, be sure to check out our membership plans to find the best deal and get the most bang for your buck!

Are you looking for another feature or method to convert form data? Make sure to share that with us in the comments below so we can know how to best help you!