Link WordPress with Insightly for Next Level Lead Generation

Don’t let your website be the weak link in your lead gen strategy. Connecting WordPress with Insightly is simple, reliable, and completely customizable to suit your needs!

If your business is collecting leads from your WordPress website, getting them into your Insightly account reliably and efficiently is mission critical. You also have specific information from each lead that needs to be transferred seamlessly, 100% of the time.

Finding the right solution for your business can present some problems. Manually transferring submissions into your account is a huge waste of time. Many existing integrations simply don’t give you the flexibility to collect the lead info you need. Custom built solutions are expensive, not just to build but to maintain.

You can build completely customizable lead generation forms and link them to your Insightly account effortlessly.

Here’s how.

Connect your lead generation forms directly to Insightly in just 3 steps.

You need to collect very specific information about your leads, and have that data transferred very specifically into Insightly. No problem. You need 2 things: Ninja Forms and the Insightly CRM add-on.

1. Link WordPress to your Insightly account

Once you have your everything downloaded, installed, and activated, you need to link your Insightly API key to Ninja Forms. You can find your API key under User Settings in your Insightly account.

Now head into Ninja Forms’ Settings in your Dashboard, and simply paste it. Save the page and make sure to test your API key before you move on. We have a detailed walkthrough of these steps in the Insightly CRM documentation.

settings menu within wordpress dashboard where Insightly api key is entered

2. Build and customize your lead gen form

Once your accounts are paired you can now set any form to automatically transfer data to Insightly. Simply build or go into any form you have, head to the Emails & Actions section where you can add the Insightly Action.

insightly action within the ninja forms builder

3. Map your form fields to your fields in Insightly

Opening up the Insightly action you’ll see where you can map each field of the form to a specific field within your Insightly account. On the left you can set what information is automatically set from the form fields, in the middle you can set what fields in Insightly they should be placed in, and on the right the Entry Type if you need it.

settings in the insightly action where form fields are mapped to insightly fields

The example above is pretty basic, but depending on your needs you can create a form that sets up everything from a company name, to a contact number, to a mailing address. Really, anything to fit your CRM needs. After you’ve set everything up, run a test and you are good to go.

These simple steps will add hours of productivity back to your team!

It’s that simple. Linking WordPress with Insightly can save you hours of data input without losing any productivity! Leave your time free for other jobs that will help take your business farther. If you have a routine task that you would like to simplify then be sure to leave it in the comments. We would love to know how we can continue to make your life easier!

Don't let your website be the weak link in your lead gen strategy. Connecting WordPress with Insightly is simple, reliable, and completely customizable to suit your needs!Click To Tweet