Save User Progress

Sometimes forms can grow quite large, and it would be very helpful for users to be able to save their progress and come back at a later time. This extension does just that for you. Using the built-in WordPress user system, visitors can register as a subscriber and save what they have entered. They can then return later to complete the form. The administrator can view and edit partially filled out forms at anytime from the admin.

Save User Progress Settings



  • Allow users to save their form progress.
  • Email users when their form is saved.
  • Decide how long to keep incomplete form entries.
  • Edit saved forms from your WordPress admin.
  • Display a specific “Saved Form Message” when users save their progress.
  • Allow users to have multiple saves per form
  • Users can edit or delete saved submissions from the front-end.
  • Display a table of saved submissions above the form with some simple settings or anywhere else on your site using a shortcode.