New Commerce Options in Ninja Forms THREE!

Collecting payment is the one thing that ought to be streamlined and easy on your site even if nothing else is. There have been times that I’ve visited a site, wanted to give them my money for something, and been so frustrated with an unintuitive purchase process I’ve walked off, leaving my cart abandoned. I’m trying to give you my money! Make it easy! If you make it hard for a customer to pay, you’re doing it wrong. End of story.

We’ve recognized this very crucial aspect of online payment collection, and we’ve taken steps with version THREE of Ninja Forms to make things easier on you. We’ve reevaluated the way Ninja Forms handles payments and payment gateways, made some tweaks and additions, and are proud to present you with a new set of commerce options for you to take advantage of. Let’s check ‘em out!

New and Improved Commerce Options Fields

commerce options fields in builder

Looking at the list of premade fields available in Three, you’ll notice we have a category called Pricing Fields that includes a host of new options for your forms:

  • Product
  • Quantity
  • Shipping
  • Total
  • Credit Card

That’s an improvement in terms of convenience for you, as in 2.9.x you would have had to create these now one-click fields by selecting a text box and customizing its name. The upside isn’t limited to just a name, though.

In 2.9.x, setting up a form that handled variable quantities of 2 different products would look like so:

  1. Setup 2 textbox fields for your 2 products with their values
  2. Set up a quantity field for each product
  3. Set up a calculation field for each product that maps to that product and its quantity field and multiplies them together
  4. Set up a total field and map it to each calculation field

In THREE, this process is considerably easier with our new commerce options:

  1. Set up a product field for each product and enter its value
  2. Add a total field

That’s all it takes. Our new Product fields handle quantity natively for you (this can be disabled in favor of the standalone quantity fields if you prefer for aesthetic purposes), and the Total field is not only autodetects Product fields in the form (meaning no more mapping fields), it also handles calculations for you without needing to be told.

In addition to be much simpler, it’s also much cleaner both in the builder:

commerce options demo in form builder

…and in the front end view:

commerce options in form preview

There’s also a shipping field if you like, and a credit card field. The credit card field actually adds 5 fields: Credit Card Full Name, Card Number, CVC, Expiration, and Credit Card Zip. This is data required for Stripe, which was formerly included only in our Stripe extension. We’ve moved it to core for exciting future integrations which we’ll talk about in coming days!

Introducing the Collect Payment Action

We now feature a collect payment action, which you’ll only see after installing a payment gateway extension (PayPal, Stripe, or Elavon currently).

commerce options collect payment action

The collect payment action will synchronize with your payment gateway of choice, and present you with relevant options for each. Be on the look out for the release of our first Ninja Forms Three payment gateway very, very soon!

commerce options ninja forms peeking ninjaThat pretty well covers our commerce options features at present. Of everything we’ve mentioned here, potentially the most exciting is the overall structure these options have taken the shape of. It’s not readily apparent perhaps, but the direction we’re moving with these changes puts loads more extensibility and flexibility into core, meaning the sky’s the limit for future features and integration. Enjoy these features today, and look ahead to a really cool future in form building!

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