Zoho & Capsule: 2 New CRM Extensions for Ninja Forms 3.0!

We’re pleased to announce the release of another two CRM extensions for Ninja Forms 3.0: Zoho CRM & Capsule! Both of these CRM extensions have been in our Ninja Forms 2.0 library for some time. Our amazing collaborating dev Stuart Sequeira has now come through with some absolutely stellar upgrades to these tried and true staples for our 3.0 codebase. Hook into the power of two of the industry’s greatest customer relationship management tools while enjoying the smooth new UI experience of our upgraded codebase at last!

Not familiar with Zoho CRM or Capsule? If building strong customer relationships is foundational to your business, you’re missing a great tool for growth. Let’s take a look at what they offer.

Zoho crm ninja forms crm extensionsZoho CRM

Zoho is a product and results focused enterprise, and their products speak resoundingly to that focus. Zoho CRM is built to be customer-centric, bringing you full control of customer managment from a centralized hub. You can reach out from that point to each and every customer quickly and easily in a highly customized manner. Automate your workflow and keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base with advanced analytics every step of the way. What specifically do they offer?

Multichannel Customer Communication

  • Manage email as holistic, individual focused conversation
  • Voice communication with single-click dial for every customer
  • Realtime “SalesSignal” notification of customer activity
  • Social media management from your Zoho CRM dashboard

Automation and Analytics

  • Advanced CRM analytics with pre-made templates and custom reporting
  • Easy customer segmentation
  • Easy process blueprinting tools
  • Workflow automation

Zoho Grows with You

  • Zoho Marketplace for third-party app integration
  • Google App integration
  • Zoho Apps provide startup to enterprise level power-ups

Capsule CRM

Capsule ninja forms crm extensionsCapsule was born of a perceived lack of middle ground. Unhappy with current CRM solutions being either too simplistic or overly complex at the time, Capsule’s founder shot for a balanced solution that puts effortless control at your fingertips while being powerful enough to organize, learn, and build customer relationships at a professional level. The once scrappy UK startup is now a powerhouse in the CRM industry. What do they offer?

One-Stop Customer Management

  • Centralize customer records under one dashboard
  • Easily add notes and files for every customer
  • Individual to group level customer management

Easily Create and Customize Lists

  • Completely customizable filters for list creation
  • Quickly import lists from email providers, spreadsheets, and CSVs
  • Categorize and assign lists by team

Analytics at-a-glance

  • Vital stats summarized for each and every lead
  • Summary view of customer data from other platforms like social media and support
  • Built-in customer search engine

If you’re in need of a way to manage your growing customer base, the Zoho and Capsule CRM extensions are certainly worth your consideration. Both present an excellent opportunity to grow your business around your customers and manage relationships professionally and effortlessly. Have a closer look at Zoho CRM and Capsule today!