Zapier and Ninja Forms 3.0: Automate Your World


a grumpy lemur who hates zapier and ninja formsDon’t you just love repetitive tasks? Doing the same thing over and over again? Spending time you could be using for something productive on tasks a moderately well trained lemur could handle? If you have time to spare and love that sort of thing, Zapier and Ninja Forms integrations probably aren’t your cup of tea.

On the other hand, if you really love the idea of automating your day-to-day tasks, then Zapier and Ninja Forms have some huge potential to impact your workflow in a major way. Being able to set up an automatic email notification every time a form is submitted is a great thing, but your email inbox may not be the end goal for your form submission workflow. Many of us use tools like Trello, Slack, and Basecamp for project management and communication, and hooking your Ninja Forms submissions directly into those channels can save your team time and money.

Today we’ll look at how to integrate Zapier and Ninja Forms 3.0 submissions into Basecamp, a tool recently adopted by the WP Ninjas to manage project workflow. Specifically, we’ll demonstrate how to populate Basecamp To-do lists with your Ninja Forms submissions. Let’s do this!

Wait a Minute, What is Zapier?

If you found your way here without specifically looking for Zapier integrations, you might be a bit confused at the moment. Let’s take a second to clear that up. Zapier is a software tool that is all about integrating services and automating tasks.

For example, I use Trello daily to manage our editorial workflow. I have a number of weekly tasks to accomplish that don’t change from week to week. For example, our weekly newsletters and the WP Ninjas Friday Roundup. I use Zapier to automate my editorial Trello board, creating cards every Monday morning with all relevant details fully populated to remind me of these weekly tasks.

As we’ll demonstrate below, you can also integrate any two separate services together as long as they support Zapier. Don’t worry- last I counted there were well over 500 supported services, so it’s likely yours is on the list.  For integrating Ninja Forms with another service, we offer the Zapier extension for Ninja Forms.

Integrating Zapier and Ninja Forms

We’ll use Zapier to integrate Ninja Forms with Basecamp 3 in this example. Specifically, we’ll be arranging for every form submission to generate a new To-do list item in Basecamp. Because the Zapier setup process is very similar no matter which two services you use, you can use this as a guide to integrate Ninja Forms with any Zapier-supported service of your choosing.

zapierGetting Started

You will need:

With that squared away, open two tabs in your browser window. In one tab, log into Zapier now and click “Make a Zap”. In the other tab, log into WordPress and open Ninja Forms.

1) Setting Up Your Form

Create the form you wish to integrate. Click on the Emails & Actions tab of that form (1) and add a Zapier action via the blue circle with a + sign in the bottom right (2). Now open your Zapier action (3) and note the Zapier Webhook field. We’ll get back to this in just  moment.

zapier and ninja forms, image of form builder with zapier action

Setting the Ninja Forms Trigger in Zapier

Open the tab you have Zapier in. If you clicked the “Make a Zap button in Zapier, you’re ready to set your Trigger up.

  1. Choose a Trigger App: type Ninja Forms into the search bar and select it.
  2. Select Ninja Forms Trigger: “New Form Submission”
  3. Test Ninja Forms: Copy the Webhook URL and switch tabs back to Ninja Forms. Paste the webhook URL into the Zapier action of Ninja Forms. Click Done. Click Publish. Return to the tab with Zapier open. Click “OK, I did this.”

If our support queue is a fair indication of where folks get stuck in this process, #3 is the place. Let’s take a closer look at that step. Here’s what you should be seeing at this stage within Zapier:


Copy the URL from there, and head back to the tab with Ninja Forms open. Your Zapier action should already be open. Paste the URL you just copied into that field:

zapier and ninja forms webhook entry

Now click Done, and then click Publish. Return now to the tab with Zapier open, and click “Ok, I did this.” It will sync for no more than 60 seconds (assuming a decent internet connection), and you’ll get a success message:

zapier and ninja forms ninja test success message

Now you’re ready to set up your Action!

Setting Up the Basecamp Action

We’ve set up our integration to trigger on form submission, now we need to target that into Basecamp.

  1. Choose App: Select Basecamp 3 as the target app.
  2. Choose Action: Create To-do list is my action that will happen within Basecamp when a Ninja Forms is submitted.
  3. Let Zapier sync to your Basecamp account.
  4. Set up the detailed template for what your To-do list will look like.
  5. Test the Action.

Finished!. Remember to name your Zap and turn it on. If you wanted to add a secondary action, chaining more services together, just click the + sign and carry on!

zapier and ninja forms basecamp integration

Again, setting up any other service with Ninja Forms is very similar to this process. In fact, it’s identical up until the last section where you set up your action. Please do use this as a guide to set up other services to integrate with Ninja Forms!

What services do you use that would play well with Zapier and Ninja Forms? Do you already have Zaps set up that you love? Tell us about them! We love to hear new and creative ways that you use Ninja Forms!

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