WordPress User Registration: Unlock a Better Way

Building a loyal following is a goal of any business or project that depends on people. Make that goal easier to obtain than ever before with the new User Management extension for Ninja Forms! User Management lets you register new WordPress users, gives them a quick and easy way to login, and even gives them the leeway to update their own user profiles. All this from the sleek convenience of Ninja Forms. Start taking advantage of the benefits of having regular, registered users on your WordPress website. Let us unlock user registration for you today!

What are the Benefits of Registered Users?

How can you serve your customers better through user registration? Building relationships is a basic element of human interaction. Letting users register to become a part of your website brings them closer to you and your brand and opens the door to future interaction and opportunities. Overall it creates a much better user experience for your customers. A few examples:

Personalize marketing. Registered users share info with you and build a customer history. Leverage this to identify individual wants and needs and tailor your marketing strategy to them.

Better customer service. Registering users and building a customer history lets you get a much better handle on them as an individual and how you can best serve them. Turn customer service into a productive, ongoing conversation instead of isolated islands of interaction.

Streamline sales. Non registered users have to jump through a number of hoops to buy, giving you info like name, address, billing/shipping info, payment info, etc over and over. Registration removes those barriers to a sale. How great is Amazon’s one-click purchase feature? You get the idea.

How Do I Get Started with User Registration?

It’s easy with the right tools, and they’re only a click away:

User Management is a Ninja Forms extension that lets you sign new users up, enables account login, and even allows them to share profile info with you. All from the convenience of a form. Let’s look at how!

Registering a New User

The best part of user registration with Ninja Forms? We’ve done all the work for you already! When you activate User Management, you’ll find three new form templates ready and waiting for you as soon as you open the Ninja Forms builder via Forms>Add New Form.

user management template selections

Select the Register User form and check it out.

user registration form template

Like what you see? If so, you don’t have to do anything more than configure the WordPress role you want your users to be registered as. That can be set in the Register User action which you’ll find under the Emails & Actions tab. All the fields are already mapped appropriately to user meta. Remove fields as you like, and if you want to add any all you need to do is be sure you map it in the action.

That’s literally all there is to it. It’s plug-n-play user registration! You even have a preconfigured registration email notification that will be sent out to your new user.

Allow Registered Users to Log In to Their New Account

Again, easy as pie. We’ve done the work for you. Click through Forms>Add New Form and select the Login Form template.

user registration login form template

It’s a dead simple username/password/submit affair. Want to add something more? Any other form field is just a click away. Under Emails & Actions you’ll find the Login User action that powers the form. It’s set up for you already. You have to do literally nothing more than place this form on a page to let your registered users login to their account.

Allow Registered Users to Update Their Profile Information

This is most easily accomplished via the Update Profile form template, again found under Forms>Add New Form. This template is set to reflect the fields from the Register User form, but can be very easily modified to reflect whatever information you’d like your users to provide. That’s as simple as adding a new field and mapping it appropriately in the Update Profile action under the Emails & Actions tab. What kind of information do you want your users to share with you?

For an improved user experience, you can click through to Advanced>Restrictions in the form builder to set this form to be hidden to all non-registered users.

What Are You Waiting On?!

Start signing people up! User registration will never be easier and you’ll begin building better customer relationships that can last a lifetime.

Note also that these form templates are totally optional. After installing User Management, the Register User, Login User, and Update Profile actions become available for you to place in any form. You’re certainly not tied to using the templates, but they are there for your convenience. Otherwise, life’s hectic enough, let us do the work for you! 🙂

Download User Management and start building a customer base of loyal return users today!